8 March 2015

The Bookshelfie #4: With Pearl

Good evening and good afternoon folks,
Happy Women's Day,
It's time for a bookshelfie blog post, and today we have Jennifer Pearl Mancuso from Asterisk Pearl's Book Blog, who happens to be a remarkable blogger.Do check out her cute blog which features book reviews to  discussions to some weekly memes to some fun blog posts.

Bookshelfie feature:

It's a selfie with your incredibly huge or messy or either organized bookshelf.And on every Sunday, I'd feature one blogger with her Bookshelfie. How will I choose fellow bloggers? Of course, it's for those bloggers whom I follow or have subscribed to their posts. Well, I'm not that mean, I was just kidding, please guys, leave a comment below this blog post, I'll send you the necessary questions to answer, and would ask you to email me your bookshelfies. So let's start sharing and shelfieing! 


Pearl is a book blogger/reviewer. In her words:

Hello, I'm Pearl! I'm a bank manager by day and a reader/reviewer/blogger by night! I love YA books (especially YA romances, dystopians, and fantasies), but I'll try anything that sounds good! When I'm not reading, I'm binge-watching shows on Netflix, scouring Pinterest for ideas for my April wedding, or browsing Yelp for delicious eats and drinks!


I live in the San Francisco Bay Area of California, the state of the most perfect weather!

About Pearl's Bookshelf:

Ok, I must admit.. I'm not the most organized when it comes to my books. I used to just toss them on the shelf in no order at all. Small books mixed in with large, genres galore, and no rhyme or reason to the order of authors or titles. Once upon a time, you could even find them all over the house-- on the kitchen table chair, on top of the microwave, next to the bathroom sink, etc.

Since then, my fiance and I have done some remodeling in our home and I am strictly forbidden from leaving my books everywhere. Trust me, it's for the best. Haha!

This is what my life has come to:

random books

I have to hide them in cleverly placed baskets all around the house!


Or I have to hide them in drawers!


Still, slowly but surely, my books are finding their way around the house. (See, there's another book basket on the shelf below!)


This one has been laying on the couch and irritating my future husband for days. Haha!

girl at midnight

As a compromise, my bookshelf is really just my Kindle Fire now. I've decided to only buy physical copies of books that make it to my all-time favorite list. One day, though, I'm going to turn our spare bedroom into a library and buy all the books I've ever read! That will be my dream come true! 

Pearl's Bookshelfie:


How organized is your bookshelf? Comment below to tag yourself if you want to be featured in The Bookshelfie blog post. That's all for today, have a great Sunday.
And ladies, don't forget to celebrate yourself today!
Happy Reading!


  1. Thank you for the feature, Aditi! You are awesome! (:

    Pearl @ AsteriskPearl's Book Blog

  2. It was good to meet you Pearl! Even though I am very much a paperback kind of girl, I can understand why people work with the Kindle more. It is pretty convenient.


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