31 January 2018

Product Review #1: SoRich Organics Pvt. Ltd.

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Today's let's discuss about healthy eating habits and its benefits! The importance of a healthy lifestyle is nowadays adapted largely by the urban folks, especially by those who lead either a fast life or the ones who lead a life in a tightly wrapped packet of time. And it is wondrous to see how the uprising organic brands in the market have become a daily household name replacing those which solely marketed their edible products based on taste. These organic brands sell their products in the name of health, and that attracts the consumers like a magnet.

One such brand, or rather say, the one of the best brands (I claim this, as I've used and tasted other organic brands in the market, hence I can tell the difference and have an ability to judge one from the other!) currently in the market namely, SoRich Organics, has made a remarkable feat in this uprising Indian organic food market. And recently I made the best decision of purchasing a truck load of organic and herbal items from SoRich Organics which only ensures to provide me and my family with a healthy, safe and nutritious eating habit.

So without wasting any more minute, let's discuss and talk about the products I purchased from SoRich Organics and then you can go ahead and decide for yourself whether or not you want to enrich your life with the goodness of this amazing organic brand available in the market.

1. SoRich Organics Mint Pure Herb (100 gm)

Unhealthy bowel movement and improper digestion, these two are the common problems that are faced by almost everyone in the country. But what to do, we are helpless and are forever bind to these gastric issues. So for the long run and for a healthy living lifestyle, SoRich Organics ahs brought to us an amazing and magical healing properties towards gastric issues' product named, Mint.

How to Use: Soak it up in lukewarm water and then use it to cook regular food from curries to pasta or you can add it directly upon your salad.


You will be amazed to experience the Mint leaves' quick and speedy effects on your body that will help you in digestion and will help you to conquer all those terrible gastric drama after having a heavy lunch or dinner. Just sprinkle the leaves on to your food that you have cooked for the day and watch how the Mint leaves keep you healthy and fit.
And SoRich Organics' Mint leaves are 100% organic, herbal and natural, free of any chemicals and ensures a healthy lifestyle to its customers. One of the most trusted brands right now in the market. Buy them now.

2. SoRich Organics Superfoods Cocoa Nibs (200 gm)

Here comes the ultimate solution to chocolate addicts who can keep their cravings for chocolate in check while keeping their weights in check. Sounds interesting? Then you definitely need to gran a packet of Cocoa Nibs or Cacao Nibs from SoRich Organics.

Heavily laden with nutrients and fiber, cocoa nibs help in acquiring healthy muscle and nerve functioning, helps to keep in unnatural hunger in check and can be taken as regular snacks thereby ensuring in keeping the body weight in check, with advantages of good bowel movement, helps in preventing anemia, keeps the heart safe from stroke or any kind of coronary attacks, and also enhances the mood if one is feeling depressed or stressed.

Cocoa Nibs

The main difference of the regular chocolate and these organic cocoa nibs is cocoa nibs are the raw and purest form of chocolate and when they are processed to make those chocolate bars that we love so much, it loses its goodness and wellness in the making process.

So you must buy coco nibs from SoRich Organics as they have manufactured cocoa nibs out of best quality chocolates and grantees the nourishment that can be benefited out from this product.

How to Use: Use it directly in your daily breakfast cereals or oats or you can sprinkle it in your smoothie or ice cream or milk.

3. SoRich Organics Chia Seeds (200 gm)

You want to go gluten free but finding it difficult to let go of all those gluten products? Then fret not, because your answer to your problem is here now from SoRich Organics presenting us with a splendid quality Chia Seeds that will help us to resolve issues with our skin, diet, weight loss drama and digestion woes.

Packed with rich and essential minerals like calcium, phosphorous, manganese, sodium, and potassium, Chia Seeds from SoRich Organics ensure to keep our health and weight both in check. Not only that, Chia Seeds are full of fibers, antioxidants and Omega-3 Fatty acid reducing the chances for any kind of heart diseases.

Chia Seeds

Although the results towards weight loss are almost negligible, yet Chia Seeds has other notable benefits like proper digestion and strong immune system.
So buy them now and enrich your life with the great and healthy benefits of Chia Seeds. I've been using them for a week, and have been amazed to see its effects in my body.

How to Use: Soak them in water and drink it, it boosts your health or use it directly or sprinkle them on your morning breakfast like oatmeal or cereals and maybe also in your lunch like salads, smoothies etc. They might be tasteless, but their benefits are boundless and will keep you healthy and immune.

4. SoRich Organics Sunflower Seeds (200 gm)

Looking for a healthy snacking option, yet coming across only oily junky snacks claiming to be healthy, pure and organic? Then you must grab these amazing product from SoRich Organics called Sunflower Seeds, which are now trending high in the list of health freaks and nutritionists recommendation list as sunflower seeds help in lowering cholesterol, thyroid, cancerous growth and cells formation, chest ingestion, and other digestion related problems.

How to Use: Nibble them whenever you're feeling hungry, or sprinkle them directly on your breakfast meal or lunch or dinner items like oatmeal to pasta to cereals to smoothies to ice cream to even in your curries.

Sunflower Seeds

Rich in dietary fiber, essential nutrients like calcium, protein etc and also rich in Vitamin E, this is a must have food in your everyday diet. And SoRich Organics can only present you with 100% natural and organically developed sunflower seeds that will help you in maintaining in healthy lifestyle.
And I've been using them for a week, I can definitely see the benefits in my body now from healthy digestion to ample of energy, its really great, try it for yourself.

5. SoRich Organics Pumpkin Seeds (200 gm)

Enriched with the goodness of nutrients like magnesium, potassium, copper and zinc, the nutty favored Pumpkin Seeds from SoRich Organics can be your best guilt-free best buddy when you're feeling hungry and is crazing for some unhealthy and spicy fast food.

From a healthy heart to stronger immunity system to supporting prostate health in men to preventing diabetic complications to reducing bodily complications in postmenopausal women to helping in getting a good night's sleep to keeping the liver free from any harm, pumpkin seeds should be a must item in your regular diet.

Pumpkin Seeds

How to Eat: You can eat it directly it you can either roast the seeds and munch on it. Either ways, the flavor remains the same, a bit nutty, yet very delicious.

And SoRich Organics is marketing the best and premium quality Pumpkin Seeds right now in the market that is made with love and care for the customers' healthy lifestyle.

6. SoRich Organics Juniper Berry (200 gm)

We are all looking for ways to make our regular diet a little bit more healthy, so what;s the harm in using a little bit of spice to your regular dishes like chicken, meat or vegetable curries that will not only add an exotic flavor but will also make you fit, healthy and immune. So now that I've your attention, I must tell you, that I've been using Juniper Berries from SoRich Organics for a week now and trust me, I see wonders in my health as well as in my metabolism rate.

Juniper Berries might sound like some exotic berries, but tell you what, these are not berries, but are spices that has lot of great benefits from making one's immunity stronger to healing skin related troubles especially can act as an antiseptic to one's infected skin to reducing cellulite appearance to improving digestion to helping in curing insomnia to ensuring that regular use of Juniper Berry in regular diet can provide a healthy heart to controlling blood pressure level.

Juniper Berry

How to Use: Crush them and use them as spices to your chicken or meat or vegetable curry.

SoRich Organics only brings the best out of the herbal and natural elements found in the nature, by manufacturing a 100% chemical or preservative free product, and Juniper Berry from this brand is the best choice available right now in the market.

7. SoRich Organics Halim Seeds (200 gm)

Halim Seeds or Garden Cress, however you may call them, but I will only call them as miraculous and magical product with only positive effects to my body.

Thank you SoRich Organics for making our lives so enriched with healthy products like Halim Seeds, that is rich in antioxidants and other equally great nutrients and minerals, that helps in minimizing asthma related problems, boosts immunity, helps in preventing hair loss, helps in proper digestion, also helps in regular menstrual cycles for women facing the irregularities.

Halem Seeds

How to Use: Nibble them either directly or roast them with salt and then eat them as snacks, or sprinkle them directly as seasoning on your pizza or curries or salads. The deliciousness and enriched good qualities will make you have a healthy lifestyle. So try them now.

8. SoRich Organics Flax Seeds (200 gm)

Flax Seeds
SoRich Organics has brought to us the goodness and the best quality of Flax Seeds that is made in a 100% natural organic, non-chemically processed method in order to ensure to deliver the best and the safe products to its customers. So thank you SoRixh Organics for making our lives not only healthy but also safe from harmful chemicals through your amazing products.

I've been using Flax Seeds from SoRich Organics for a week now, and trust me, I can see the difference it is making in my body, from boosting my metabolism to helping me digest in a proper and faster way to increasing antioxidants in my body to fight from diseases and germs, to safeguarding my heart to making it healthy to helping in reducing any kind of cancer growth risk to improving my cholesterol level in my body to even controlling the blood sugar level to lowering my blood pressure. All these ample of benefits can be easily experienced, once you start taking flax seeds regularly through your diet.

How to Use: Soak them in water and then drink it, or add them on your salads or smoothies to keep your unnecessary hunger at check.

So yeah flax seeds is highly recommended for those looking to control their weight through healthy eating habits. So without wasting any more second, buy them now and experience yourself all the goodness of Flax Seeds from SoRich Organics.

So after using all those products, I must say that I finally found my trust on a brand that sells genuine, and best quality organic supplements and food. I can trust this brand even more because their products are made in a natural way and are 100% pure, free from any harmful chemicals, gluten or preservatives, so in short, they sell the best organic food that one can include in their regular diet blindly. Thank you SoRich Organics for giving us the best and authentic products! Also their products' are not at all costly and are worth of every dime spent on purchasing the products. So I would highly recommend this brand to those looking for a healthy lifestyle.

And if you have any further queries regarding the products, please do leave a comment below, I'll get back to you immediately. Thank you for reading my blog post.

Happy Healthy Eating!

4 January 2018

Review #696: Turtles All the Way Down by John Green

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

“Paranoid? Probably. But just because you're paranoid doesn't mean there isn't an invisible demon about to eat your face.”

----Jim Butcher

John Green, the international best-selling author, created yet another masterpiece and this time it is called, Turtles All the Way Down and no trust me, this isn't a book about turtles, so sit tight while reading this book, as it might spiral you down to the soul's and mind's curious world about the existence of your own "self" within you. Sounds philosophical?! Yeah I know, this book is going to hit you hard in the right places and will awaken you from the deep slumber of your ignorance about the very existence of your own "self" with the help of the 16 year old teenage anxiety-stricken, OCDed female protagonist.

3 January 2018

Review #695: Murder in a Minute by Shouvik Bhattacharya

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

“You can only be jealous of someone who has something you think you ought to have yourself.”

----Margaret Atwood

Shouvik Bhattacharya, an Indian author, has penned his debut thriller called, Murder in a Minute that revolves around the murder of a young and ambitious woman, who is the chairperson of her father's company, inside her own room and in the presence of her step brothers and sisters, along with her colleagues and her college boyfriend. And surprisingly each one in that mountainside cottage has an alibi, even though the initial investigations point at the killer being present in that house. Now the question is who or why, is it out of jealousy, ambition, greed or out of love, that the poor lady had to give up her life in such a tragic way?

2 January 2018

Review #694: The Fisher Queen's Dynasty by Kavita Kané

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

“If you want to see the brave, look at those who can forgive. If you want to see the heroic, look at those who can love in return for hatred.”

----Krishna Dharma

Kavita Kané, an Indian bestselling author, has penned an inspiring and extremely compelling mythological tale inspired from the characters from the Indian epic mythology, Mahabharata in her new book called, The Fisher Queen's Dynasty that revolves around two key protagonists, one ordinary woman, denied of her royal birth-right who grows up under the care of a meager-fisherman, and later claims to the throne of Hastinapur by her clever tricks, but sadly she becomes a pawn to the dirty politics of the state, turning her into a bitter and wicked queen and the other, a handsome prince, who is the true heir to the throne to Hastinapur, but he sacrifices away his chance to become the king in order to fulfill his father's romantic wishes to marry a fisher-girl. The woman is known as Satyavati, the grandmother to Pandu and Dhritarashtra and the man is known as Bhism, the son of Ganga.