1 March 2015

The BookShelfie #2: With Olivia

Good morning and welcome folks,
It is Sunday and it's time for a bookshelfie blog post, and today I present you one of most popular book blogger in the blogosphere- Olivia-Savannah from Olivia's Catastrophe, who blogs about books to bookish stuff to nail art to recipes, in short, she has a solution to everything. Her reviewing style is unique and extraordinary. Go check out her blog to read her reviews or participate in the giveaways that she hosts in her blog.

About Bookshelfie feature:

It's a selfie with your incredibly huge or messy or either organized bookshelf.And on every Sunday, I'd feature one blogger with her Bookshelfie. How will I choose fellow bloggers? Of course, it's for those bloggers whom I follow or have subscribed to their posts. Well, I'm not that mean, I was just kidding, please guys, leave a comment below this blog post, I'll send you the necessary questions to answer, and would ask you to email me your bookshelfies. So let's start sharing and shelfieing!


Olivia-Savannah, and she is a blogger of her blog called, Olivia's Catastrophe. Olivia says:

"Hi! I'm Olivia-Savannah, an avid reader and aspiring writer. When I don't have my nose in a book or am busying conjouring up the latest story you can either see me playing basketball or with my little sister. I have spent a whole year telling myself I should revamp my Youtube channel, but it never happens. I love nail art a lot, eating dried mangoes and avoiding all the foods everyone else likes. (Bread? Pizza? Ew!)"


She is from the south of the Netherlands! She was born in England though, and still considers herself from there. She loves it here but she says it doesn't feel like home :)

About Olivia's Bookshelf:

Here's my bookshelf! WAIT a minute! Don't think that is all the books I have! I am very strange because the only books I want on my bookshelf are ones I have read. Which means my TBR pile of books... are on the floor next to the bookshelf, so I can steadily work my way through it. I am ashamed to say there are 100 books and more there. I'm telling you, that pile grows by itself!

The bookshelf is not organized according to anything - no genre, author or that. It's basically how I think it looks pretty. I like having it in size order, with series together when I can. In some places I group coloured books and black books together. I should really have a better system, but I am perculiarly picky and like it like this. And size order.
Olivia's Bookshelfie:
I am terrible at selfies! Which is why instead of crouching in front of my bookshelf I pulled out the Percy Jackson series and smiled with it instead :)

Olivia with her bookselfie
How organized is your bookshelf? Comment below to tag yourself if you want to be featured in The Bookshelfie blog post.
That's all for today, have a great Sunday.
Happy Reading! 


  1. Thanks for sharing this post! I will definitely go and promo it some as well <3

  2. It is my pleasure Olivia! :-) Thanks

  3. A great post! I love Olivia and it was really nice to hear more about her bookshelf!

  4. Love the selfie, Olivia! I like to keep the books I have read on certain bookshelves. I have one bookshelf dedicated to my TBR books and it is in a spot that very few people will ever see it. :)


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