7 March 2015

Review #157: The Italian's Deal for I Do by Jennfier Hayward

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

"Unless it is mad, passionate, extraordinary love, it's a waste of time. There are too many mediocre things in life- love should not be one of them"

Jennifer Hayward, a Canadian romantic author, crafted a light-hearted yet a passionate romantic story in her new book, The Italian's Deal for I Do and this book happens to be the first book in the Society Weddings series.

To be fair: I'm not that judgmental when it comes to reading Mills & Boons or Harlequin books. I believe we all need to read a little bit of fairytale romance sometime to lose oneself in the beauty of it.


The Irresistible Italian: Married for Business

He's conquered global markets and immeasurable hearts, but to regain control of the fashion empire that's rightfully his, Rocco Mondelli must prove his playboy days are over. His secret weapon? Supermodel-in-hiding Olivia Fitzgerald…and the power to ruin her if she refuses to play his loving fiancĂ©e!

But returning to the world stage revives Olivia's old demons, and instead of walking down the aisle toward her gorgeous groom—she flees! The world holds its breath: Can the indomitable Rocco get his wayward bride to the altar on time?

The world's sexiest billionaires finally say "I do"!

Honestly, this book is not one bit of cheesy or corny or whatever you call it, instead, it's so dark and deeply passionate, that it keeps you moving forward with the flow of the story.

Rocco is an Italian billionaire, and Olivia is one of most popular model in the world. Their worlds collide like a volcano collides with a tornado, instead volcano is much more powerful. Rocco, brooding and insanely handsome Italian is dominating and controlling in nature, whereas Olivia, the most sexiest woman Rocco ever laid eyes on, is scared, torn up between the glitzy life and plain life with a different dream. Read the book, to find out how their imperfect and different universe become one at last!

The characters are absolutely surreal, not a slight bit of realism present in them and that's what makes the book so compelling to read. But the characters are layered with endless flaws and past trauma haunting them like forever. Rocco and Olivia's chemistry is inevitable and undeniable to notice from the very beginning. I could feel the heat of their passion from the pages of the book.

The storytelling is articulate without being too dramatic. The issues mentioned in the book are realistic and believable. And yes, the emotions are described so intricately that you can almost feel it at the very core of your heart. I felt the story to be a little bit too rushed, I mean, the climax unfolded pretty quickly. The narrative is detailed and at times bit dark, maybe it was Rocco whose moodiness act as a charm in the story. Overall, it's fast-paced, and ending is just like any fairytale without much drama.

Verdict: Take a break from your long and complex novels by reading this intriguing and enthralling story that will keep you falling in love with it's primary character despite his millions of flaws in his attitude.

Courtesy: Thanks to the author, Jennifer Hayward, for giving me an opportunity to read and review her book. 

Author Info:
JENNIFER HAYWARD has been a fan of romance since filching her sister’s novels to escape her teenaged angst. Her career in journalism and PR, including years of working alongside powerful, charismatic CEOs and traveling the world, has provided perfect fodder for the fast-paced, sexy stories she likes to write, always with a touch of humor. A native of Canada’s gorgeous East coast, Jennifer lives in Toronto with her Viking husband and young Viking-in-training.  
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