7 March 2015

Review #159: Bridesmaid with Attitude by Christy McKellen

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

"Unless it is mad, passionate, extraordinary love, it's a waste of time. There are too many mediocre things in life- love should not be one of them"

Christy McKellen, an English author, have spun a bewitching romantic story, in her latest book, Bridesmaid with Attitude that involves a feisty woman fighting for her best friend's wedding venue, even if it requires to be somebody's fake girlfriend for a few days.

To be fair: I'm not that judgmental when it comes to reading Mills & Boons or Harlequin books. I believe we all need to read a little bit of fairytale romance sometime to lose oneself in the beauty of it.


As head bridesmaid, Emily Applegate is furious when Lord Berkeley pulls the plug on the venue for her best friend’s wedding. But Theo turns out to have good reason — and he’s the hottest guy Emily’s ever seen!

Brooding Theo is adamant that the wedding won’t happen at his estate...unless they can make a deal. Theo needs a favor, but is Emily willing to trade a wedding day for a role as the Earl’s fake fiancĂ©e? Especially when there's nothing fake about the sizzle between them...

Gutsy and enthusiastic Emily is ready to take the world down to make her best friend's dream come true, which includes getting married in a palatial estate own by Lord Berkley. She stomps off to his estate to have a word with him, but his drawn by his broodiness and muscles and sexy demeanor. Theo, on the other hand, wasn't expecting someone like Emily to turn his lonely and composed life upside down with her burning desire and care for him. Eventually his deal, if Emily acts up to his fake girlfriend for few weeks, then her best friend can have the wedding in his estate, becomes a life-changing event in his life. His growing emotions finally made him fall for Emily, but Emily who vowed never to settle down, will respond to Theo's feelings emotionally rather than being friends with benefits? Read the book to uncover the rest of the story!

The story telling is nice yet it was bit rushed, and the emotions were missing it's feel from the storyline. Yet the narrative style is gripping and striking enough to keep us engaged in the story. The inevitable passion between Emily and Theo is described quite strongly that we could easily feel the heat from the pages of the book. There's a lot of drama in this story, which made the story very unreal! But the descriptions are intricately layered in the book, which gives an interesting edge to the story.

The characters and their whole arrangement sounded absolutely surreal! But the author have described their demeanor quite strikingly, thus making us believe with the issues they were facing in their lives. The oh-so-perfect hero, Theo will simply take your breath away and his every move and act will make you wonder whether a guy like Theo actually exist in this universe. Emily's spunky attitude will leave an impressionistic mark upon our minds and she is the epitome of strong heroine who never leans on a man's shoulder to grieve for her problems. The book is fast paced and without much emotional pull, it mars the grace of this story, only their chemistry keeps us moving forward.

Courtesy: Thanks to Good reads for choosing me as a Good reads First Winner and thanks to the author, for providing me with a copy of her book.

Author Info:
B.K. (Before Kids) Christy worked as a Video and Radio Producer in London and Nottingham. After a decade of dealing with nappies, tantrums and endless questions from toddlers, she has come out the other side and moved into the wonderful world of literature. She now spends her time writing flirty, sexy romance with a kick (her dream job!).
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