1 March 2015

The Bookshelfie #3: With Neil

Good evening and good afternoon folks,
It seems more people are turning up for this bookshelfie blog post feature. And right now, I got you Neil who is a versatile book reviewer on GoodReads Visit his page on good reads to check out the books he read and his intricate style of reviewing the books.

About Bookshelfie feature:

It's a selfie with your incredibly huge or messy or either organized bookshelf.And on every Sunday, I'd feature one blogger with her Bookshelfie. How will I choose fellow bloggers? Of course, it's for those bloggers whom I follow or have subscribed to their posts. Well, I'm not that mean, I was just kidding, please guys, leave a comment below this blog post, I'll send you the necessary questions to answer, and would ask you to email me your bookshelfies. So let's start sharing and shelfieing!


Neil Franz- a book reviewer on good reads.  Neil says:
Hi! I'm Neil Franz. But most of the times, they called me Neil. :) I may not look like one but seriously I am a licensed electronics engineer. Hahaha! I only read a few novels when I'm studying but after finishing college, I dedicated my life in reading (mostly novels, of course). I actually working now and when I'm going to work, I read: in the bus, in a mass public transport's waiting line and even in the office. :D When I'm not reading, I play computer games, watch Fairy Tail, listen to Pentatonix and other upbeat songs and rant on Twitter (lol) and add more books on my TBR-pile on Goodreads.


I am living and constantly converting oxygen into carbon-dioxide in the Philippines.

About Neil's Bookshelf:

I don't really have a bookshelf. There is just a a vacant space in our cabinet where I put my books. But I have plans to buy one since my book collection is growing. :) I arranged my books by size and every week I organized them. I don't know, I just like to do that. Maybe it's therapeutic to me so that's why. Lol.

Neil's Bookshelfie:

Neil and his bookselfie

How organized is your bookshelf? Comment below to tag yourself if you want to be featured in The Bookshelfie blog post.
That's all for today, have a great Sunday.
Happy Reading!


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