11 March 2015

Review #164: The Maverick Who Ruled Her Heart by Susan Carlisle

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

"Unless it is mad, passionate, extraordinary love, it's a waste of time. There are too many mediocre things in life- love should not be one of them"

Susan Carlisle, an American author, who is a medical romance writer, have spun a passionate series, Heart of Mississippi. The Doctor Who Made Her Love Again is the first book in this series, followed by The Maverick Who Ruled Her Heart that revolves around a nutritionist who is planning to leave her small town and her past and a dashing new doctor who is back to his hometown for real and good.


Nutritionist Kelsey Davis has a plan. Leaving Golden Shores—and her past—firmly behind her, she's ready for a new job, a fresh start and a life led her way!

That is, until Dr. Jordon King arrives back in town. He doesn't remember her and, worse, he's even more deliciously sexy than ever! Kelsey is falling for Jordon all over again—but once she uncovers the truth that links Jordon to their painful past, can she still allow him to rule her heart…?

Kelsey Davis is the nutritionist of her small town and she is ready to leave it behind for a fresh start. And Kelsey happens to be China's younger sister, who is the previous book, feel for the new doctor, Payton. And in this book, we see her as married to Payton. Gordon King is back to his hometown after a long time and he stayed away to avoid some bad memories, and moreover, he is the new doctor, the town is all talking about. And Kelsey and Gordon fatefully works in the same team. From the very first moment, Gordon is struck by Kelsey's charm and wit, his childhood friend's sister. But Gordon risks it all when he disrupts Kelsey's plan for leaving town by digging up some old graves, which Kelsey managed to bury. But will Kelsey be reasonable enough to see the fact behind Gordon's drastic actions?

It's a nice, touchy story, with some heart-felt pain that will keep you rooted till it's very end. Susan Carlisle has yet again enthralled us with her new book in this series. The narrative style is free-flowing and catchy that keeps us engaged from the very beginning. Moreover, Kelsey's lost brother's mystery leaves us glued to the story, and the author unveils it pretty intriguing. The prose is fantastic which gives a fast pace to the book. The emotional content is equally deep and keeps us moving forward with it's high tide and low tide.

The characters are funny, adorable, handsome, sexy, witty, flawed and completely surreal, but still they manage to leave an impression on our mind. And the author portrayed them in such a fashion that it makes it easy for us to contemplate with them and walk in their shoes. The chemistry between Kelsey and Gordon is passionate, deep and hot! Kelsey and Gordon's charm is the best thing in this book, they are not only attractive, but their liveliness makes us fall for their demeanor. The storyline is captivating and the climax surely does brig a tear into our eyes.

Verdict: Some books demand to have a no-strings-attached-relationship with it's readers, and this book perfectly fits the bill!

Courtesy: Thanks to the author, Susan Carlisle, for providing me with a copy of her book, in return for an honest review. 

Author Info:
Susan Carlisle’s love affair with books began when she made a bad grade in math in the sixth grade. Not allowed to watch TV until she brought the grade up, Susan filled her time with books. She turned her love of reading into a passion for writing. With over ten books published with Harlequin Mills and Boon’s medical line, she is still writing hot romances with sexy docs and the strong women that captivate them.
She lives near Atlanta, Georgia, with her husband of over thirty years. As a member of the Love is the Best Medicine group www.loveisthebestmedicine.com, she blogs regularly.
Susan loves castles, traveling, sewing, afternoon tea and reads voraciously. 

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