6 March 2015

Feature & Follow #3: My Furry Friend!

Good morning Folks,

It's Friday and it's time to have a new feature and follow blog post, which is a weekly meme hosted by Alison Can Read & Parajunkee's View.
Unfortunately, I missed last week's Feature Follow, due to my other commitments. 

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 This Week's Question:

Do you have any furry friends? Share a picture! - Suggested by Cornerfolds

Let me begin by saying this that I've never met such an egotistical cat in my whole lifetime. Her name was Kuchku, since when she was a kitten, she was terribly cute and I had no idea when she would grow up, she will become a complete bitch! Yeah she was my best friend, with whom I used to share my every secrets of my life and from the pictures you can easily guess she was pretty comfortable with however the way I treated her. She had one flaw- too much pride about herself, she in fact taught me like how to take revenge, for instance, when she used to sleep, she was very particular and strict about her sleeping time, I used to disturb her, like making sounds, putting torch light in front of her closed eyes, shake her etc.. I was young and naughty, so I used do that stuff to her, in return, she did the same with me, while I used to sleep, like screaming at top of her voice in front of my ears at the crack of dawn when it was a holiday and I'm supposed to sleep the whole day off, throwing stuffs unintentionally etc. So that was how she did tit-for-tat, her pride like she used to go and show herself off in front of the greedy and hungry street dogs, I can't count how many times, I had to save her ass from those dogs, but it was not possible for us to save her every time, and that's what happened to her, killed by some street dogs because of her ego she used to tease those dogs intentionally!) And sorry to say, I still miss her to this very day :-( and will always miss her no matter what!

So folks tell me about your favorite pet and how much you love it?

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  1. Hopping through. Someone once told me that cat meows (especially female cats) can be translated to include multiple swear words with every feline sentence. That all their doing is yelling at you. I think that applies pretty well to my cat. She is either yelling at me or glaring at me and the dog with contempt. With my husband, she gleefully tries to sit in his lap at every opportunity, because she knows that he doesn't want her there.

    My FF

  2. Aww, sounds cute Alison, I'm pretty sure, she used to hurl slang at me, moreover, it's said in my culture that cats can give bad omens which might turn true!

  3. Oh my goodness, I'm sorry to hear that. I had a cat who was a bit of a problem too and only in hindsight do we find his behavior amusing.

  4. Yeah, but my cat's behavior was a problem for us, we had to look out for her 24*7, thanks for your comment!

  5. Poor cat! :( She looks cute when sleeping though. Just hopping by. Old follower.

    Danna @ A Reading Habit

  6. Hi Danna, thanks a lot for your comment! :-)

  7. Aww, I'm so sorry for your cat! My in-laws lost a cat in a similar situation.
    My cat doesn't scream or hurl curse words at me, but she's constantly asking me what I'm doing and why I'm not playing with her.
    New GFC follower :)
    Here's my Follow Friday!

  8. I'm so sorry for your loss. She was a beautiful cat.
    I'm a new follower.
    Diane @ Diane's Book Blog

  9. So cute!!! I'm an old follower :)

    Here's my WoW!

  10. She still sounds cute! One of my family's cat is pretty bitchy and bipolar. One minute she loves you, they next she tries to bite you! But we still love her! :) Old follower!

    Lizzie @ lizziethesarcasticblonde,blogspot.com

  11. I'm sorry about you friend. No matter how long ago, I always remember my pets who have passed on - but the memories live on forever.

    New email follower

    My F & F

  12. I'm kind of scared of cats, and yours sounds like she would have terrified me. I'm sorry you lost her in such a way.
    Old follower.
    My FF: http://onceuntold.blogspot.com/2015/03/feature-follow-friday-4-furry-friends.html

  13. Oh no! I'm so sorry about your fur baby. :( She's in kitty heaven now! :D Adorable pics of her! xx

  14. Your cat was very adorable and I'm glad that you two had a wonderful relationship. I'm very sorry that you lost her; it's always horrible to lose an animal! It's great that you two have some pics though. :) I'm a new follower!
    Krystianna @ Downright Dystopian

  15. Omgsh, poor Kuchku! No matter how egotistical she was, I'm sure she didn't deserve that. ):

    Old follower! Thank you for stopping by!

  16. Kuchku was about that life! I had a cat like that once, very bossy but he wasn't all that mean. I hate the fact that she was attacked by those dogs :(


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