24 November 2014

Review # 86: Murderous Little Darlings (A Tale of Vampires #1) by John Hennessy

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William Francis "Bill" Nighy, an English actor, has quoted about the 'vampires' as:

The phenomenon of vampires have always appealed to me. Everyone kind of likes a vampire story because it almost could be true.

Once again, my very dear friend and my favorite English author, John Hennessy, has come up with a tale about a vampire folklore, in his latest release, Murderous Little Darlings which happens to be the very first book, in yet another thrilling series named, A Tale of Vampires.

Three siblings. An endless list of victims. A whole lot of time to kill.
With two specimens of the undead on either side of her, Juliana knew there was no escape. Kill the one they had selected for her, or be killed, and become of them. What had the neighbors in the road called them, back when their childhood pranks were just that?
Oh yes, she remembered now. Murderous Little Darlings. They had the faces of angels, but possessed the very soul of the Devil.

Marcus had fully embraced his vampire side from the moment he was born. Rocco was the second eldest, and had fought the temptation all of his life. Then Marcus finally broke him.
That just left Juliana. Will she resist them, or join in the hunt?

Well to be honest I like John, because of his style of writing. Although his tales are sick, gothic and very, very sinister, still somehow, John manages to insert some ROFL moments in between the darkness and it really helps in uplifting my mood. Another reason would be John knows how to throw his readers off the edge in the climax. That climax completely shook me and once again John left me speechless with his short story.

This is his very first vampire story, which is actually a novella about three siblings. Mind it, this is not like your typical The Vampire Diaries/ Twilight/ The Vampire Academy styled story, instead, John has explored a new approach in this vampire story. So this book is free of any love-sick Vampire, or oh-so-lost-and-lonely-virgin girl, or any such stupid stuff. I started to see vampires in an all new perspective.

John's writing is once again shown us that this author is capable to take his readers inside the pages of his books. With a one-liner joke here-and-there, this book is surely going to be your best-read vampire story.

Now the characters are totally cool, all had a demeanor of some cool, orphan teenager and even with a very brief description; I could feel their Marcus's pain behind his don't-care attitude. Well, all credit goes to John, for making his characters so life-like. His prose is very smooth and that makes it easy to read and with the choice of his short, simple words, the story has got a fast pace. From the very first page of Marcus's blood lust, I completely got hooked till the very end. And of course thank you John for leaving us off with a cliff-hanger and that means I definitely have to look out for the next book in this blood-lust series.

Verdict: A must read black comedy, which is completely different and unique from your regular vampire stories.

Courtesy: Thank you John for the review copy! 

Author's Info:
John Hennessy is a young adult / new adult novelist whose preferred writing genre is horror, and has authored the Dark Winter series as well as the fantasy epic Stormling. A huge fan of the paranormal, he will actively visit reported ghost haunts and it could be said that they served as inspiration for his debut fiction novel; Dark Winter: The Wicca Circle.Inbetween writing Book Two of the series, Dark Winter: Crescent Moon, he released the fantasy epic Stormling, which is the first book of the Mordana Chronicles.Autumn will see the release of the first Tale of Vampires, titled Murderous Little Darlings .
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