5 November 2014

Review #57: Girl in a Spin by Clodagh Murphy

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A funny quote about being the "IT" Party Girl:
Working out is my partying
Protein shakes are my beer
Pre-workouts are my shots
The pump is my buzz
And the pain the next morning
Is my

Is true that life is damn hard for any rootless, party girl who doesn't give a shit about anything in the world and is it really shameful to aim for nice little domestic life with a sweet-old husband?

Jenny Hannigan is the definition of a true party girl- dinners means no home-cook meals, party means getting terribly hung-over and love means breaking millions of hearts. But after a long time, Jenny is in love and is keeping the identity of her soul mate so close to herself! But what happens if the frenemy gets married before the most happening girl of college? Well Jenny's story starts right in the middle of a marriage where people are sugar-mouthing the newlyweds whereas Jenny is sulking and hating the whole environment sitting in a corner.

Clodagh Murphy, a Dublin born author, has wove a funny, and roller-coaster ride of emotions tale, named, Girl in a Spin which not only makes you go ROFL but also brings a tear at the corner of your eyes! From the quirky name to the remarkable and sparkly protagonist, the book is a real treat for all the women who fancy a quick love affair with their own lives.

Abandoned by her mother at a young age, Jenny has grown up in foster care and under different foster families by landing herself into trouble from one family to another. She works as a nanny, is in love with the to-be British PM, who belongs from the Moderate Party, (PS: David Cameron don't take it personally, many girls still dream to be in love with the British PM rather than with Prince Charles!!), and lives in a apartment with two odd guys, and ends her night drowning herself in the myriad of glittery lights and sleeping under the disco light and waking up with a terrible hangover. All the while Jenny was feeling elated about the fact that Richard, the to-be PM, has left his wife for her! But when, Richard's handsome publicist, Dev Tennant, comes and tells her that, Richard's wife kicked Richard out of their home after finding out the affair with Jenny, it makes leaves her distraught and sad and hurt! And when her Christmas night glows up with Dev's warm and kind heart, Jenny's heart splits in to and faces herself facing the dilemma of her love-stricken heart!

Yes, it is chick-lit! But who doesn't day-dream about a high-end affair with a very important personality-maybe someone from the political field? Yes, ladies, it's a perfect getaway for you! And yes, it has got chic dresses, shoes, accessories, warm pink over coat, and lots of booze.
I don't know why Jenny reminds me of Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton is some ways! She is sweet, shy, and has a very quirky and immature demeanor. She's 24, and is yet to experience the world and when she is caught up in Richard's political world, Jenny questions herself. All the while, her mind is love-bitten with Dev and also Dev is making it hard for her to let go of her holding feelings about him! I must say romance and Christmas are the two things that keep our spirits up in the book. The author's style of narrating the whole tale keeps us not only engaged but also on the edge with Jenny's impulsive attitude. Her total misfit into Richard's world is quite alluring and highly humorous at times.

Verdict: This book is a perfect read for lighting up the gloomy atmosphere around you! Trust me; the world looks bright for a minute!

Courtesy: I'd like to thank the author, Clodagh Murphy, for sending me over a copy of her book, in return for an honest review. 

Author Info: 
Clodagh Murphy was born and brought up in Dublin, with her two brothers and two sisters.  She had a very happy childhood until she was 5, when she was sent to school.  She spent the next thirteen years waiting to leave.  After school she went to university to study French and Spanish, but she dropped out after a year. In her early twenties she moved to London to seek her fortune. She didn't find it, but she had a lot of fun while she was looking. That was in the eighties. After several years she returned to Dublin, which is now home.
She have had more jobs than she can remember, mostly in office administration, but she have also worked as a bar waitress, editorial assistant, TV extra and mystery shopper. She always wanted to be a writer and have been writing stories of one kind or another since childhood. Her first book The Disengagement Ring was published by Hachette Books Ireland in 2009.
Apart from writing, travelling is her passion, and she also enjoy watching TV, drinking red wine, hanging out with friends and family and chatting on Twitter.
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  1. Thanks for the lovely review, Aditi! I'm delighted you enjoyed the book so much.

    1. Thank you so much. It was such an honor as well as a pleasure for me to read your book! :-)


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