12 November 2014

Review #70: But I Love You by Peter Rosch

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Why are you the way you are?
asks Alicia Lynn Wilde to one of her prospect for the Elite Two Meet's members club, in the book, But I Love You written by Peter Rosch. Elite Two Meet, Alicia's brainchild, is a club of elite and super-rich, single men and women, and is built up on delusional beliefs and lies.

But I Love You is a dark love-story, although it was a one-sided love-affair, more of an obsession and possession over someone. The underlying story is a sweet love-story, but since, it's a one-sided affair, it turns quite bloody at the end.

“If you're that obsessed with someone, why would you kill her?
Humans are full of contradictions.”

----Ai Yazawa, a Japanese Magna author
Because finally when you realize that you can't possess that person's heart, who you love so deeply, then you feel like killing them and taking their souls out of them, and maybe that's a contradiction.

Elite Two Meet an exclusive and a very posh club for a very elite class clientele and it is Alicia's brainchild, who hand-selects the members with so many rounds of interviews and background checks. The book opens on 7th of August, with a murder of a woman. Then the book jumps to five days prior to 7th of August, and we are introduced with Alicia, who is vulnerable and is running after the recovering drug-addict cum socialite, Lisa Denton. But soon a sexual assault follows on one of Elite Two Meet's members, Chris, who works in a cosmetic company and she accuses of one of Alicia's high-profile clientele. Detective Johnson jumps into the investigation and soon Chris's false allegations are brought into light, followed by the confession of her heart's desire towards Alicia. She gets obsessed with Alicia, from stalking her to doing every possible thing to bring Alicia's attention towards her. But her love was dark and soon a number of murders turn up, making Alicia's life more complicated.

If you don't read this book, you're going to miss out something really unusual and unique. The author's uniqueness of penning down this tale is quite evident from his flawed yet remarkable characters to his voice and narration. Firstly, his style of writing is something to look out for, it'll intrigue you till the very end. The author's characterization is well-developed and he had a solid grip on all his characters, which had a twisted mind of their own. Although it was a love story, still it was very gripping and quite dark and raw emotions are evident from reading about these characters.

Verdict: You should definitely read this book, to cherish the two most unusual characters of this book, Chris and Alicia, who lights up the whole book with their demeanor.

Courtesy: Thanks to the author, Peter Rosch, for sending me over a copy of his dark novel, in return for an honest review.

Author Info:
Peter Rosch is what happens when a Polish drag racing varsity bowler and a beautiful but über paranoid French Canadian Air Force brat get together on a disco dance floor in glorious Albuquerque, NM. He’s a recovering alcoholic who favors the run-on sentence—the one thing for which he offers no apologies. Eighteen years in NYC, Boston and Los Angeles as an award winning writer, creative director, and commercial director in advertising has left him moderately famous in an industry filled with the very best kind of people—lunatics. His commercial work for Levi’s, AXE, Rolling Stone Magazine, Acura and more is polarizing, and you either hate it or love it because you’ve definitely seen it. When he isn’t writing ads, penning entries for his blog level9paranoia.com, outlining ideas for new books, you will most likely find him playing fetch with his cat Target. Yes, his cat plays fetch.
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