13 November 2014

New Feature- Author Q&A Session very soon!

So it's almost a month now and I'm still featuring only book reviews on my very first blog which is getting very monotonous, well yeah I can certainly self-patronize about myself and say that those reviews are actually pretty engagingly written- no complaints there, but right now, I need lots of readers- not just sometime-to-hop-by readers, but dedicated ones. Well aiming for that is certainly not a crime. Hey I'm the first time blogger here, and as I already mentioned before and on my very first blog post that this blog is all about books and I think I forgot to mention that those books are created/written by humans- specifically authors, and it's not a good thing if I only keep paying tribute to their hard work instead of talking/bragging about them a bit!

Yeah, I consider myself guilty for that! Honestly, my blog was simply in the test mode for a month and now I'm so glad with such a huge audience traffic, that I think it's time to start an Author Q&A session, which will not only include MY favorite authors, but will also feature YOUR favorite authors too.

And my blog doesn't necessarily will feature the indie authors only, but will also feature some NY Times bestseller authors too. I can't promise that, but I'll try my level best to bring them around on my blog.

Most above all, I want to be an inspiration for many readers and writers around the world.
I've a friend named Le Roi Bear who lives in South Africa and have started his very own platform, named, Female Leadership Organization (FLO, in short) to promote the entrepreneurship skill among all the women of the world and to help them grow their business- clearly a stepping stone in the world of business for the ladies, has just now said;

"The options are endless for how you can Change the World into a Beautiful place, to motivate perhaps normal people, to write amazing books, and to feature them on your blog, to inspire writers to explore their imagination for more powerful books"!
I mean I can't agree more with him and more over he's such an inspiring human being in my life and it's from his determination that I got the courage to start up this blog! So Thank you  Le Roi Bear if you're reading this.

So without wasting a single second I must get down to business with those talented authors around the globe.

But being an Indian, I think I need to feature an Indian author first, before featuring the international authors. Well I certainly can't get Chetan Bhagat or Durjoy Datta to have an Author Q&A session with me. But there are some pretty good newbie authors who are equally talented like Chetan Bhagat or Durjoy Datta, with whom I'd be very much interested to have an Author Q&A session.

Now about international bestseller authors, there's a slight problem and that being they are all well-published with a pretty famous literary agent, it'll make my task more difficult and so my first job will be to woo those agents or if I'm lucky to be in good terms with the author, then I can easily feature them on my blog.

I'm surely gonna come back here to talk about the tricks and tips to invite authors on your blog, once I achieve some experience, but till then wish me luck on my newest venture and hope that I can be a more better blogger and greater inspiration to all!

Stay Blessed!
And see you in my next blog post!


  1. This is so heartwarming Aditi, and the honour is all mine! Let's inspire the world! Yes You Will!


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