12 November 2014

Review #68: A Taste of Blood Wine by Freda Warrington

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Have you ever wondered why women top the charts on being the vampire-fiction writers around the world? Well, to answer that, I'd love to share this Josh Hutcherson quote, who is the "Hunger Games" trilogy actor:

"I think girls like vampires because they are mysterious and they really don't know what they are about. I think a lot of girls are attracted to that."

Equivalently, a British author, named, Freda Warrington, has penned down the novel called, A Taste of Blood Wine which is the first book in the Blood Wine series, and it is strictly about "Vampires", "vampires", and only "vampires", and to make it more edgy, accounts of First World War is included for some treat. A historical Vampire love-story sounds already so cool. I always find such Vampire books as really cool and enthralling to read but Stephanie Meyer's vampire stories are way too cheesy. Please Note: The book was first published in the year 1992, long before, Stephanie Meyer's Twilight series.
Disclaimer: I didn't intend to enrage the Stephanie Meyer's fans.

1918. A First World War battlefield becomes the cosmic battleground for two vampires, as Karl von Wultendorf struggles to free himself from his domineering maker, Kristian. 1923. Charlotte Neville watches as her father, a Cambridge professor, fills Parkland Hall with guests for her sister Madeleine's 18th birthday party. Among them is his handsome new research assistant Karl - the man Madeleine has instantly decided will be her husband. Charlotte, shy and retiring, is happy to devote her life to her father and her dull fiancé Henry - until she sees Karl ... For Charlotte, it is the beginning of a deadly obsession that sunders her from her sisters, her father and even her dearest friend. As their feverish passion grows, Karl faces the dilemma he fears the most. Only by deserting Charlotte can his passion for her blood be conquered. Only by betraying her can he protect her from the terrifying attentions of Kristian - for Kristian has decided to teach Karl a lesson in power, by devouring Charlotte.

Oh! no, after reading this blurb, that's what I felt, A Taste of Blood Wine sounds so similar to Stephanie Meyer's Twilight, when Edward distances himself from Isabella to conquer his thirst of blood. Only difference is that Freda Warrington has written it before Stephanie Meyer.

The best thing I observed about Freda Warrington's book is that her book's back-drop and settings are really quite distinct and unusual. I would like to applause for the author, for time-traveling us to the twenties and to the period which was dominated largely by the Great War, and very strikingly, the author has filled the world with full of vampires during that time and made quite a mark by blending the war and the world of vampires.

Moreover, the author has turned this simple tale into an intellectual and literary novel with the use of her exquisite words and her eloquence. And hence, I fell for the book.

Charlotte was quite an unusual protagonist, being all shy and sweet, who in the beginning feels scared towards Karl, who is a really astute vampire and doesn't respond to Charlotte, although he falls for Charlotte quite badly. Karl becomes distant towards Charlotte only to protect her and himself simultaneously from the evil-minds of the powerful and dark vampire villain, Kristian.
Note for The Vampire Diaries Fans: Karl and Kristian's relationship may sound similar to Taylor and Klaus's relationship, only thing is that Karl is not sired by Kristian!

But as the book progressed with Karl's tries from getting away from Kristian and Charlotte, the characters evolve more with evil-agendas, twists and turns and flaws in them. And maybe that’s what makes the book more captivating and will keep us gripped to the very core of the plot. Yes, mind you! There are some brain-twisting mysteries to uncover. All the characters crafted by the author are psychologically flawed and achingly vulnerable, and this what makes the book and the plot more intriguing.

Verdict: Do read this unusual Vampire love-story which will take you back in time to the twenties which is a complete period tale!!

Courtesy: Many many thanks to the author, Freda Warrington, for giving this opportunity to read and review her book.

Author Info:
Freda Warrington is a British author, known for her epic fantasy, vampire and supernatural novels. Her earliest novels, the Blackbird series, were written and published when she was just finishing her teen years; in the intervening years she has seen numerous stand-alone novels and a trilogy published. (The original Blackbird series has recently been put back into print by Immanion Press.) Four of her novels (Dark Cathedral, Pagan Moon, Dracula, The Undead, and The Amber Citadel) have been nominated for the British Fantasy Society's Best Novel award. Warrington has also seen numerous short stories published in anthologies and magazines. Born in Leicester, Warrington grew up in Leicestershire. After completing high school, she trained at the Loughborough College of Art and Design and afterward held a job at the Medical Illustration Department of Leicester Royal Infirmary. She eventually moved to full-time writing, pursuing a love she had had since childhood. In addition to her writing, Warrington works part-time in the Charnwood Forest.
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