4 November 2014

Review #54: Elixir by Ted Galdi

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

They say, "Intelligent Men are dangerous". Or is it? Ted Galdi, a 29-year old debut author has portrayed otherwise in his new novel, Elixir. He has not followed the traditional way of making super intelligent man as the most dangerous species, instead he has presented him as the life-savior, a genius on whom nature might have given some extra brownie points to make living of other less fortunate human beings better. This may be Ted Galdi's debut novel, but it feels like he is really a pro and quite a natural while penning down his story. With all the right amount of twists in the right places, right amount of mystery and suspense, right amount of actions and bloodshed, the book proves to be a real page-turner right from the very beginning.

Sean, a 14-yeard old kid, with an IQ of 250, becomes a threat to the nation within overnight. His talent was already known to the world when he won half a million dollars on the show, Jeopardy! Consequently, bagging him a full paid scholarship to the country's most elite university. Along with a computer science professor, Steven, he invents mind-blowing hacking formulae. Thereby, Steven makes his colleague, P.Goya from F.B.I aware of Sean's invention. Thereby, he becomes n overnight threat to the country, following which he was forced to leave the country along with his aunt to Rome, where four years later, he is a graffiti artist and also falls in love with a very rich girl, Natasha. What happens next, is really worth finding it out!

The author proves that he has natural talent when it comes to penning down his imagination. The plot is thoroughly well-developed as well as it sounds like the author has intensively researched about the whole scientific background in the plot and also giving valid logical and technical explanations when required. The characters are also very strongly built, especially, Sean. He has portrayed Sean as a brave hero, never ever scared for a single moment and always maintains his calm in the toughest of tough situations, for instance, he tries to bargain for his life with a professional killer, he sweet-talks him, but never ever losing his cool or show any sign of panic. Sean is determined having a very strong will-power, besides his intelligence. Also Natasha has been portrayed a s a sweet, simple, lovely and not all posh girl. Aunt, Mary seems like a woman who is very strong to stand beside Sean in all his pain, failure and happiness like his own mother. She tries to fill the gap of having no parents in Sean's life. Sean had two best friends in the book, one when he was 14 at Pasadena, named Kyle, who believed in his heart that Sean would return one day and another was a bad boy in Rome, while he was 18, named, Fabrizio. Yeah the Rome part may not be that interesting, but the climax of the book is a highly compelling one.

The best part o the book is when Sean makes up his mind to share his formula to save people from the deadly diseases with the director of CDC. He says that nature has made him strong for a purpose and that he should not repress or hide his power.
The chemistry between Natasha and Sean is something to look out for. It's very sweet and cute and both having the same dreams. It was something so innocent, pure and beautiful.

Guys this books is one hell of an addictive one. After just, 4-5 pages of the book, I totally got hooked into it. It's intriguing and thrilling and some adrenaline-rushing moments that you'll die for.

Verdict: Read this book, and get your mind blown over with the impact of this book.

Courtesy: Thanks to Ted Galdi for providing me with the physical copy of the book in return for an honest review. 

Author Info:
Ted Galdi entered the world of novel writing when he was twenty-nine, with the publication of Elixir. He grew up with a love for storytelling, and began writing screenplays at the age of fifteen. When he was eighteen he started college at Duke University, majoring in Political Science and pursuing a Certificate of Achievement in Film, Video, and Digital Media Studies. After graduating Duke in 2007, Ted co-founded a software company. Ted began writing Elixir in 2013 and officially released it in August 2014. Almost instantly the book became a hit with readers and critics. Ted has been featured by ABC and FOX television, iHeart Radio, Examiner, and many other media outlets.
Ted currently lives in Los Angeles, California and is working on his second novel.

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