2 July 2015

5 Effective Ways to Promote Your Blog Using Instagram

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So you've a blog that needs a certain amount of followers in a short span of time! I mean who doesn't have that in mind- 200 followers within a span of like 1.5 month. Yeah, you heard me right! It's possible now, no not by doing weekly memes (which is an incredibly slow process!!) or promoting your blog in the social media world, like Bloglovin' or Facebook or Twitter (bloggers' favorite platform!), but by promoting your blog on Instagram- a new social media which has over 300 million monthly users (way more than Twitter!). Why?

  1. Fast and effective-works almost instantly, like it's possible to have a follower count of 2k within a month!
  2. Doesn't require photographic skills
  3. Direct interaction with the followers/non-followers
  4. Easy to use, unlike FB or Twitter

So these are just few reasons over thousands of other valid reasons to promote your blog on Instagram.

So today's blog post will feature and stress on the points about how to promote your blog on Instagram and gain followers:

Step1: Baby steps- Sign Up and Write a Bio:

First sign up, give a cool username that people can easily remember or maybe you can use your blog's name as a username, that way people can remember the name of your blog. And then write a short and quirky bio with your blog link included in that bio, so that users can easily click on it to visit your blog.

Step2: Remember your target users:

If you're a book blogger, then you should be attracting or hooking like-minded people, say other book bloggers from various parts of the world to avid bookworms. So you'll be posting photos related to your blog and target users- books only or maybe an occasional selfie of yours with your favorite YA novel. Just make it bookish as much as possible, Do No include moments from your personal life- like partying pics, or camping trips photos or your mom's 49th Birthday or your dog's birthday snaps and stuff like that. Remember to keep it bookish, like if you're posting the pic of your breakfast cereal, then don't forget to include a physical ARC copy of the yet-to-be-released-much-hyped YA dystopia.

Step3: Hashtags can make you famous!

If you type how to use Hashtags in the Google search bar, then you'll be surprised to see that there's organizations and personal online gurus providing a course on effective use of hashtags. Being a book blogger it makes things easier, and I being an avid insta-freak, would like to share the hashtags that I use while posting a bookish pic.



The last three tags is very important to let the author as well as the publishers to know that you're posting a picture of their book. And the correct use to write a hashtag is never to use a space between more than one word sentence, like #ilovereading
I promise you if you use these hashtags, you'll get lots of hits on your photo that you just posted, and thus leading to followers for your blog.

So remember, hashtag is the key for you to connect with lots of users on Instagram. And let users discover you through your hashtags.

Step4: Being Active Makes You Instantly Popular

Remember instagram doesn't follow your Facebook or Twitter or Blogger rules to post one or two posts within a week, no, Instagram doesn't work that way. It requires an active posting on day-to-day basis. Like post a picture of a particular portion of your blog everyday, and them you can ask your users to do the same, maybe the book hauls that you do so effectively on your blog, can be easily done on your Insta profile since it will attract more users from all over the world.

Apart from posting photos there are few other ways to achieve large number of followers:

  • Comment back
  • Like back
  • Follow back

These are very effective and must be followed religiously while using Instagram.

Step5: Host Giveaways Regularly

This is the most important means to reach a follower count of 1k within just few hours. What can you celebrate for? "Giveaway for reaching 1k Instagram followers.." or something like that! Do not forget to use proper hashtags and asking the users to do the same for a re-post. And this is where you can positively gain a lot of blog followers through your Instagram account.

Throw a giveaway now or then and watch yourself turn into a famous blogger/Instagrammer within a few clicks away.

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Do share with me what you love most about Instagram in the comments below.

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Happy reading!


  1. This is really helpful. I’ve always been curious about Instagram, but I’ve never signed up for it. I might have to.

    Aj @ Read All The Things!

  2. I love this post! I recently starting bookstagram and I love it so much.
    Krystianna @ Downright Dystopian

  3. Great tips here! I use my instagram like crazy and love it because it does help reach a lot of people and it is easy to use. Actually going to go and update right now!

  4. Thanks Olivia! I'll be there to check your update!


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