13 February 2015

Review #145: Innocent While Sleeps(A Tale of Vampires, #3) by John Hennessy

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Death is the one predator we can't escape. But vampires have found the loophole so many of us crave. I think that's the allure of vampirism.
----Sherrilyn Kenyon a bestselling US writer

John Hennessy, an English YA writer, has done it again with his new novella Innocent While She Sleeps in the A Tale of Vampires series. He has once again made it equally provoking, wicked and alluring, enchanting at the same time. There are few authors on the block who can turn a blood-lusting vampire into an innocent being, reading about which can only fill up your heart with compassion, instead of hatred!

Tormented by all the wicked and evil deeds she has committed in her life, the vampire has never known what it is like to truly rest in peace. Far from the confines of the Blood and the Raven; at Castle Dreymuir, a most unlikely source offers her a way out of the life.

Initially, she dismisses it out of hand; stating the cost is far too high for her to possibly consider. But as time goes on, one overwhelming desire eats away at her - a return to innocence in both her waking hours and whilst she sleeps.

Will she accept this deadly but most compelling of offers, so that she can put her brutal existence to rest, once and for all?

Julianna is back again with her dominating mother and this time the author shows us how innocent they look when they sleep in their cold, hard coffin. The way the light falls on their face while they sleep is something really beautiful and peaceful to watch or rather to read about and since John has described their resting so intricately and vividly that you can almost watch the whole scene unfolding right in front of your eyes. Moreover, the way John described the Castle of Dreymuir, that it actually transports you to that cold walled castle with many rooms and coffins. This time Julianna has a novice to take care of her or rather teach her way through the dark and always shifting worlds of Vampires. Nina, an innocent little child, reading about whom will make you fall for her sweet, childish yet helpless demeanor. Now Nina is a special character in the book, and all the while I felt that evil cannot overpower over goodness even if goodness is present in less amount. Nina is determined not to sip human blood through her lips, but Julianna is adamant to make her like one of her clan. Well, why wouldn't she do it? Julianna happens to have a submissive life under the dominance of her momma vampire. The priest and the nuns are adamant on their decision to remove the Child of Satan forever from their land, even if they have to lose their own lives. But is it really possible to take down a centuries old vampire forever? Read the book to find out the mystery!

John's articulate prose and that dark back-ground will simply synchronize your reading mood. From the very first page, John's story-telling captivated me, since he layered his undertone with emotional torrent and lurking darkness. The way he shapes up a vampire is quite striking, not erotic yet very alluring- constantly pulling you with each of their moves. Even the way they kill or drains the last drop of human blood is something enthralling to read about, instead of feeling disgusted or sick. Julianna and Nina are the two characters you need to watch out in this book, Julianna can be sometimes sweetly evil and most of the times she is short-tempered, so you will hardly dare to cross her step.

As usual John once again pushes us off the edge with this twists and turns. The climax of the story is something really brilliant- neatly and tightly wrapped up with layers of twists and mind it, those twists are not easy to anticipate.

Verdict: Read this book and lose yourself in yet another wicked story of vampires. A must-read!

Synopsis: Thanks a lot John for bringing up my name on the dedication part of this book, and as usual thanks a lot for the preview review copy of your book. 

Author Info:
John Hennessy is a young adult / new adult novelist whose preferred writing genre is horror, and has authored the Dark Winter series as well as the fantasy epic Stormling. A huge fan of the paranormal, he will actively visit reported ghost haunts and it could be said that they served as inspiration for his debut fiction novel; Dark Winter: The Wicca Circle.In between writing Book Two of the series, Dark Winter: Crescent Moon, he released the fantasy epic Stormling, which is the first book of the Mordana Chronicles.Autumn will see the release of the first Tale of Vampires, titled Murderous Little Darlings .
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