15 February 2015

The Bookshelfie: New Feature

Hello and Good morning fellow bloggers and book lovers,
Hope you guys all had a sweet and romantic Valentine's Day. Well, today, I'm starting a new feature on my blog. Mind it, it's really cool and unusual, I just came up with it. It's called The Bookshelfie.

Let me Introduce you to The Bookshelfie:

It's a selfie with your incredibly huge or messy or either organized bookshelf.And on every Sunday, I'd feature one blogger with her Bookshelfie. How will I choose fellow bloggers? Of course, it's for those bloggers whom I follow or have subscribed to their posts. Well, I'm not that mean, I was just kidding, please guys, leave a comment below this blog post, I'll send you the necessary questions to answer, and would ask you to email me your bookshelfies. So let's start sharing and shelfieing!


Aditi Saha- a part-time passionate blogger cum software techie, who's 9-7 job may sound boring and stressful to her, but she likes to live in the moment. And mind it, she believes blogging is a huge stress-buster for her, yeah although it's very time-consuming and difficult to maintain, especially when you have a life other than the virtual world, but still she devours every moment of this creative world. She says book blogging has it's own perks from making new blogger friends to receiving review copies to hosting blog tours to participating in giveaways. Moreover, apart from blogging, she loves reading books at an incredible speed, loves to indulge in online shopping, loves watching stupid TV series like The Big Bang Theory, New Girl, The Vampire Diaries, and also loves random photography for herself, strictly not for the world. And that's meeeee!


Kolkata, India

About  My Bookshelf:

In one word, very unorganized, moreover, I need another shelf to sort things out from the first one, my bookshelf looks like it's soon going to fall apart from the weight of so many books. Maybe when I'll get a new shelf, I'll start organizing things a bit. After, from a bookshelf, you can easily get an idea of the demeanor of it's owner. Like, mine is messy, and to be honest, I'm a messy person who likes to keep things wherever I want to- it's bad habit, nothing to brag about it. Well, I can improvise my words to say it this way, that my bookshelf is organized as wherever-I-find-a-little-space-way. When I'll buy the new shelf, I'll arrange the books according to the genre as well as might get some colorful wrapping paper to cover the back wall of each shelf.

My Bookshelfie:

My bookshelfie

How organized is your bookshelf? Comment below to tag yourself if you want to be featured in The Bookshelfie.
Happy Reading!


  1. Haha this looks like so much fun! Awesome bookshelf and I love the idea :D

    Alex @ The Book's Buzz

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