7 February 2015

For Fifty Shades Haters & Lovers!

Disclaimer: This post is not to irk up the Fifty Shades Haters or to imply that you should go and buy a copy of Fifty Shades of Grey and worship it.

Have you ever been to a place where 4-5 factions rule the democracy? Have you ever been to a place where you need to play deadly games to save your districts? Have you ever been to a city where you're neighbor is a vampire or werewolf? And why am I asking all these stupid questions, when the answer to all the above questions is "Yes, I've been there- in my fantasy world!" Right, there's the "F for fantasy word" to validate your support for either Divergent or The Hunger Games or The Vampire Academy or any of the best-selling fantasy book. Now my question becomes, are these books fall in the fiction category? Yes. So have you been to someone's bedroom where there are ropes and handcuffs tied to the bed? No, never. And why would anyone reveal that dark side to you. Anyways, let's stick to the NO answer to this question, but some have been there in their fantasy world. Similarly, Fifty Shades of Grey is a work of bad fiction, which destroys any realism attached to the world of BDSM even if there was any! So there's nothing to hate about the book- it's pure fiction, no relevance with any real life characters.

Now if you're saying that you hate BDSM, then you should have never bought that book.
I will tell you my experience with this particular book.
Before Fifty Shades, I never knew what BDSM was or what it stands for. And it seems after E.L.James wrote this book, there are many first time authors who are exploring this forbidden world of sex in their books. BDSM was a whole new concept for me, and I can't say for sure that people are not involved in a BDSM relationship, since we clearly have no idea what happens behind the empty boardroom doors, or empty closets in a house or empty bathrooms in the secluded part of an university or inside the four walls of a nicely built home. So let's just say, E.L.James have opened a whole new widow of sexual fantasies. Hence, I'd like to say that don't bad mouth the book just because of BDSM between Grey and Steele, since the book falls in the category of fantasy just like The Hunger Games or Divergent.

I have rated this book with 3stars! Why? Because it''s not that I hate the whole storyline, but because at times, I felt the author went way out of emotions to write a scene of sex. I believe sex and emotions are directly proportional to each other, and at times, James couldn't polish a sex between Steele and Grey with enough compassion. Well, to be honest, the author portrayed the sex part pretty vividly, I mean so vivid that it is enough to give you wet dreams. Moreover, I felt, Grey's character had lot of flaws but there was nothing suggestive to support his flaws, just a line that "I'm 50 shades fucked up!" Like I was thinking rape when Grey was a kid, instead he knew what he was doing with that old woman, moreover, he still respects her. These were the things which really made me hate the book. The readers were expecting something over-dramatic and pathetic happened to Grey when he was kid, instead he pretty much cushioned himself from feeling the pain of his past by shutting himself to a world of sexual pleasures. I call it "sex-addict" or "sadistic"!

Anyways, I'm not here to bad-mouth about this book. I'm here to say that can't we just accept the book just like we accepted those unreal stories like The Hunger Games or The Giver. It's purely bad fiction, which we don't know may or may not draw inspiration from reality.
And on the wake of the movie version of Fifty Shades, I know many haters have warmed up their anger over Fifty Shades of Grey book. So hats off to the director of Fifty Shades of Grey, Sam Taylor-Johnson, for making us see the positive side of this 50 shades fucked up book. And I know why every one is cooling off and the reason is quite obvious- Jamie Dornan. So another hats off to this actor for giving us a taste of pleasure like never before. And I know all his fans are now re-reading this book to look at Grey in a whole new perspective.

So folks, hate the book or love the book, the movie is just 1 week away to hit the screens and Ellie Goudling's song Love Me Like You Do have already heated things up in our body, mind and heart!
Let's just cross our fingers and hope that Mr. Grey is not that 50 shades fucked up or his fucked up side doesn't destroy the charm of this movie.


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