19 August 2015

Review with Giveaway: Heart Dancing: A Story Alchemy Adventure by Kathryn Eriksen

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“The past is never where you think you left it.”

----Katherine Anne Porter, a Pulitzer Prize-winning American journalist, essayist, short story writer, novelist, and political activist.

Kathryn Eriksen, a motivational speaker, teacher, coach and writer by passion, has penned an inspiring as well as heart-touching story, Heart Dancing: A Story Alchemy Adventure , that accounts the beauty of a mother daughter relationship through a transformational as well as healing story about how to manage the past.


Brian, his wife Christine and their 14-year-old daughter, Savanna, are a typical American family. Their lives begin to unravel when a dark secret from their past threatens to destroy them. Divorce is imminent unless they discover a miracle.

Savanna refuses to stand by and watch her family self-destruct. A mysterious young woman and her dog show Savanna how to look past the physical and see the spiritual side of her situation. A leap of faith and willingness to change her perspective gives Savanna a new view of her life, her values and her purpose.

But can the adults give up their stories about the past that are tearing them apart?

Brimming with inspiration, transformation and empowering messages, Heart Dancing is life changing. It also introduces the 4 step process called "Story Alchemy," which transforms the character’s stories that threaten their peace and happiness.

The Story Alchemy Process can give you the same benefits. You will notice that:
•you are calmer and more grounded in the present moment;
•you no longer get upset or angry about past events or people; and
•your heart starts dancing with joy, love and acceptance.

As you cheer for the individual choices made by Brian, Christine and Savanna Hartt, you will also reflect on your own stories that keep you playing small.

Heart Dancing – it’s the only way to live!

Christine and her husband, Brian both kept an evil and dark secret from their only teenage daughter, Savanna, who due to her parent's bitter divorce goes through a transformation when she became a victim of bully due to being a typical divorced parents' kids in the school. But one encounter with two women and a dog in the beach changes Savanna's life forever, who goes through heart healing to soul healing by making peace with her anger and pain from her parents' divorce, resulting in forgiving her mother Christine. Christine made a decision that will forever haunt her and will ultimately result in her divorce with Brian and will also force her daughter to resent Christine for the rest of her lives. Brian is on the cross-roads when he learns about the terrible secret as well as decision of Christine that is powerful enough to pull himself away from his wife. But can he be happy without his family?

This book teaches a lot of good things through this fictional story that is powerful enough to put the readers' minds into a different perspective about their past, lies and family. The writing quality is fantastic and exceptional and I literally had to underline each and every phrase from this book for future references since thy are so highly enlightening. The narrative style is motivating as well as engaging enough to put the readers hooked on to the story till the very last page. This story not only unfolds with emotions but also with lots of unexpected twists and turns that the readers might not be able to anticipate to come on their way, moreover, the story unwinds like a suspense novel yet poignant enough to make the readers feel deeply.

The characters, though fictional, are drawn with lots of realism and all the while it will make the readers feel like they know these characters from before. The author goes deep into the hearts and minds of the readers to pen down their raw emotions and troubles. The narrative to be fair is layered with spiritual wisdom, although it doesn't feel too moralizing, so whether one is a believer or not, readers are definitely going to relate with the story.

The emotions are written vividly and portrayed them strikingly as well as intricately. The importance of a family and especially how to forgive one's past and decisions those made in the past is spectacularly depicted into the storyline. And the book too helped me with the little resentment, that I held onto my family about some past decisions, to evaporate into the thin air and to forgive, which is I learnt from this book, that forgiveness is the greatest tool to achieve long-lived happiness in a family.

Verdict: I would encourage every adult as well as teenagers to read this book which will let you see the horizon with a new wisdom as well as light while traveling on the road to happy life with your family.

Courtesy: I received the book for a blog tour purpose. 

Author Info:

Kathryn Eriksen is known as the "Story Alchemist" and has touched many people with her inspirational books, blog and articles. She now has a new way to reach people - with the Heart Dancing Radio Show, broadcast live every Thursday at 9:00 CST on the Awakened Radio Network.

Kathryn is a lawyer by training but a motivational speaker, teacher, coach and writer by passion. She transformed her own life story from anger and frustration to joy, love and peace through many of the same techniques that she shares in "Heart Dancing."

The Heart Dancing Movement has begun! Learn how to listen to the music from your heart, not the messages of your mind.
Let. Love. Lead.

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Author Interview:

1.    Me: Hello and welcome to my blog, Kathryn. Congratulations on your latest book, Heart Dancing? Please share with us the story behind your book,Heart Dancing?

Kathryn: "Heart Dancing" is based on a family's conflicts over a decision made many years before that still impacts their present moments. Each member of the family must decide how they will respond to the after-shock, and whether they can forgive and release their need to be right.

I introduce the powerful process called "Story Alchemy" in the book. It is used as a tool and a teaching device. The characters in the story transform their perspective and their lives by using Story Alchemy. Readers have shared that they have used it in their own lives and have been amazed at the differences in their perspective.

My goal is to share techniques, tools and information in an engaging and entertaining format. Inspirational fiction is a fabulous way for me to continue teaching these life-changing concepts. Readers enjoy a great story and also pick up valuable information to make changes in their own life.

2. What was your source of inspiration for this book?

Kathryn:I love to teach people how to live better lives by becoming deliberate creators, instead of thinking like a victim. The best way to teach those principles is through stories. Weaving common conflicts within stories of fictional characters gives me the freedom to explore their responses, desires and motivation, while teaching life lessons to my readers.

Writing is such a powerful creation tool that I feel almost as if I have a magic wand that I wave in my imagination over the heads of my readers. Sometimes it sprinkles negativity, fear or doubt, but my wand (and words) always show the way home. To live from the heart, not the mind.

3. How did you research for this book?

Kathryn:My “research” is based on my own experiences and lessons I have learned along the way. I went from starring in the victim role to learning how to become a deliberate creator, standing in my power of expression. When I saw the radical difference it made to shift my perspective from victimhood to empowerment, I wanted to share these techniques with as many people as possible.

4. What method do you generally follow, if any, while writing a story from the beginning till the end?

Kathryn:I have a fairly structured schedule when I am writing a book. Inspiration leads my ideas, thoughts and finally the words I string together to create a story. I rarely run into writer's block, because I listen to my heart and not my head (but it does help to take walks, go outside and be still, drink water, etc.). After I have a fairly basic plot outlined, I work on character development and conflicts. As those are developed, the plot line begins to get more complicated. In terms of knowing where I am going with the story, I allow the characters to show me the way.

5. How will you describe your journey so far as an author?

Kathryn:I practiced law for 23 years before I hit a wall. I knew I loved writing but it was always in the context of a legal brief or memo. The light bulb turned on when I took a creative writing class and fell in love with the creative process.

I also began journaling on a regular basis. It provides me a place to process events, emotions and relationships so I am clear about my role in each space. That clarity carries over into my writing.

As I began to use journaling and blogging to express myself creatively, I discovered the magical world of self-publication. No longer did I need the approval of an editor or agent – now I could write from my heart and share it with other people who resonated with my words and messages. The sense of freedom I have is incredible – it is all up to me to produce transformational stories that resonate in the reader’s mind long after they have read the last page.

6. Was it always your one true dream to be an author?

Kathryn:No, that dream did not materialize until after I had played out “success” as defined by the world. It was not until I took a hard look at myself and discovered that I love to create inspirational stories that I realized my energy should be focused on what I do best. Writing became my passion and I have never looked back.

7. What other passions do you have apart from writing?

Kathryn:The evidence of my other passion can be seen by taking one look at my nightstand! I love to read great fiction, inspirational books about how to live happier lives and spiritual books about the great questions of life (Why are we here? What do I have to contribute? How can I improve myself?) From that continued flow of stories and information, I discover new ways to look at life, love and myself.

Photography is another passion. I enjoy observing my surroundings and composing photographs that capture a moment in time. I also feel inspired by photographs that seem to be timeless – black and white are my favorites. Since I discovered Pinterest, I can’t seem to stop pinning stunning photographs as a way to express myself. I am slightly embarrassed to admit that I have made more than 3,780 pins!

8. Describe your writing day schedule? What do you do to get away from the stress?

Kathryn:Mymost productive creative time is in the early morning hours. I am diligent about writing for a set amount of time every day. I find it works best if I can set a realistic schedule that I know I will meet, then sit down in front of my computer and start banging it out. Discipline and commitment are the two guideposts in my writing time – I credit a fairly rigid schedule for writing 5 books in less than 5 years.

Stress comes from making an unrealistic schedule or expecting too much, too soon. My best stress-buster is to know my limitations, my expectations and my aspirations, then make sure they are aligned every day.

9. What are you currently working on? Please tell us briefly about it.

Kathryn: Iam currentlywriting the second book in the Story Alchemy Adventure series. It is told from the viewpoint of Avatar, the mystical dog who first appears in Heart Dancing. I have always considered dogs to have special knowledge that could benefit humans, if only we would listen and pay attention. Avatar has much to say about the sorry state of human affairs and why we do what we do. Dogs see life and love so much clearer than humans, and those differences are what drive the plot forward.

10. Thanks so much for joining me today on this interview session. I wish you luck for all your future endeavors.

Kathryn:Thank you for this opportunity to share my work with your readers and followers. Remember to listen to the music of your heart, not the messages from your mind. Heart Dancing is the only way to live!

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