18 August 2015

Review with Giveaway: Hello, My Love! (Between Two Worlds, #1) by E. Journey

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

“When you stop expecting people to be perfect, you can like them for who they are.” 

---- Donald Miller, an American author

Evy Journey has penned a heart touching contemporary love story, Hello, My Love! which is the first book in the Between Two Worlds series, that tells the story of a woman with a successful career falling for a Casanova whose past is trying hard to ruin the sweet relationship between them.


Beyond broad shoulders and heaving bosoms.

It takes love to face reality and conquer messy feelings.

Short Synopsis:
A modern-day pastiche of Jane Austen novels. Elise is a bright, beautiful law student, focused on a career and distrustful of men. She butts heads with Greg, an alpha male haunted by past relationships.
Heartache and the specter of revenge. Unable to deny their feelings, they spend a night together. A jilted fiancée exacts revenge and forces them to face who they are and what they really want.
A love tale of this day. A delicious romance with a literary slant and spiced with a twist of whodunit, this escapist fare also takes us into the inner life (thoughts, hopes, and doubts) of the main protagonists as they contend with realities that often face couples in compelling relationships—revenge of a jilted lover, past relationships, abortion, career choices, reactions of friends and relatives.

Greg has always been a playboy, but things change when he meets Elise- an extraordinary career-minded woman, who maintains a distance from distrustful men like Greg. But their instant friendship gradually blossoms into love, which results in Greg to break up with his fiancee, thus marking the on-start of many life threatening troubles to Greg who finally distances himself from Elise. Can their love conquer all the in differences of the world?

This is a multi layer love story which not only has emotions but also has it's thrilling moments. The writing style is fantastic and the prose is evocative that runs deep with emotions and that has a power to pull the chords of even the most strong hearted human being. The story progresses first like a typical romantic movie, but when the jilted lover takes over, things get pretty much exciting. The author writes with articulate expressions and with intricate descriptions of the story line. The author has also introduced lots of twists that will keep the readers on their edges for the entire length of the novel.

The themes that the author tried to bring alive are wonderfully inscribed into this love story. The family issues and more modern day issues like abortion and trust issues are perfectly depicted through this story. Even every problem addressed in the book is highly relatable and I believe any reader will agree that some relationships are messy like Greg and Elise's. The realistic take on today's relationship is very strikingly featured in this story.

The characters are drawn with a realistic edge. The demeanor of both the protagonists are strikingly portrayed. Elise's insecurity about men is very believable in the terms of modern career minded woman. The fears as well as all the feelings of Elise can be easily contemplated by the readers since the author has sketched her with a strong depth. Greg is someone who any reader would love to hate, but he is the one character who grown from being reckless to being careful.

The chemistry between Elise and Greg is sweet and passionate and the author has sensitively described the problems between them. The constant tug-of-war whether they both will end with together or not, provided the author instills a lot of unexpected turns and challenges on their path, will keep the readers glue to the plot.

Verdict: A must read sweet romantic and challenging love story for all romance fans.

Courtesy: I received the books for a blog tour. 

Author's Bio:

E Journey is a realist who thinks she has little imagination. Credit that to her training (Ph. D., University of Illinois) and work in mental health, writing for academics and bureaucrats, and critiquing the work of others. She’s been striving ever since to think and write like normal people.

She’s a well-traveled flâneuse—a female observer-wanderer—who watches, observes, listens. And writes. A sucker for happy endings, she finds enough that depresses her about real life, but seeks no catharsis by writing about it. For her, writing is escape, entertainment. She doesn’t strive to enlighten. Not deliberately. But the bias of her old profession does carry over into her writing. So, instead of broad shoulders and heaving bosoms, she goes into protagonists' thoughts, emotions, inner conflicts, insecurities, and struggles to reach balance and grow.

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  1. I am someone who is a huge fan of Jane Austen! I love the sound of this one being a bit of a making of one of those in modern day and I am seeing them as some really good romances!


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