14 August 2015

Review #299: The Wrong Man by Kate White

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“Sometimes we want to believe something so badly that we allow ourselves to be taken advantage of.”

---- Aaron B. Powell, an American author

Kate White, the New York Times bestselling author, pens her latest suspense novel, The Wrong Man, which is a heart-stopping thriller about an interior decorator who on a business cum pleasure trip to Florida gets conned by a man about his identity, and little did she knew that a simple stolen identity case would land her up in a dangerous game of illegal medicine trading scam which will put her on the hit list.


She wanted to be more daring, but one small risk is about to cost her everything­—maybe even her life.

Bold and adventurous in her work as owner of one of Manhattan's boutique interior design firms, Kit Finn couldn't be tamer in her personal life. While on vacation in the Florida Keys, Kit resolves to do something risky for once. When she literally bumps into a charming stranger at her hotel, she decides to make good on her promise and act on her attraction.

But back in New York, when Kit arrives at his luxury apartment ready to pick up where they left off in the Keys, she doesn't recognize the man standing on the other side of the door.

Was this a cruel joke or part of something truly sinister? Kit soon realizes that she's been thrown into a treacherous plot, which is both deeper and deadlier than she could have ever imagined. Now the only way to protect herself, her business, and the people she loves is to find out the true identity of the man who has turned her life upside down.

Kit is a thirty-something woman who runs a pretty much small-successful interior decorating business along with her partner, Baby. Kit takes a business trip down to Florida and on the pretext of having no regrets and to let herself loose for a bit, she strikes a friendship with a total random stranger, who gives his name as Matt Healey. After their passionate one night stand, they decide to catch up with one another back in New York, only to find out that Matt Healey is someone different than the Matt Healey with whom Kit had a one night stand. Kit immediately realizes that she had been conned by a stranger. Upon further digging about the weird coincidences and circumstances that left Kit's apartment burglarized to the murder of the real Matt Healey, Kit is sure that the man whom she met in Florida has some agenda to kill Kit. Who is this man?

The writing style is brilliant and while reading, I felt like driving down a wild zig-zag styled road the end of which I can't predict by my own. The pacing is really fast and the plot progresses with smooth flow and with an equally engaging narrative style. The suspense and the tension keeps on building as the story begins to move forward. The plot get deepens with mystery when Kit returns back to New York, especially after meeting the real Matt Healey.

The mystery is tightly wrapped under layers of brain twisting and jaw dropping events that is unraveled one layer after another. I was sweating with anticipation to find out about the man whom Kit slept with on her trip. Each and every incident is intricately described with proper emotions and vivid and visual imagery to make the readers feel like they are actually a part of this mystery novel.

The characters are etched strikingly and are kept closer to reality. Kit is a strong character although at times her panicking about almost slightest of the things annoyed me to the core, still midway through the story, I started rooting for her. The negative characters are firstly layered with lots of positive misdirection and when unraveled, the depth of the darkness underlying their souls were gradually revealed with great vividness.

I did not like certain things in the book like there was no point or justification in including the chemistry or inevitable attraction between two main characters of the book, thus putting the book into romantic suspense genre and thus making me lose interest in the story. In a nutshell, its a perfect book for your summer trips to some exotic destination. A paperback of this book is worth every penny, I would say!

Verdict: Read it only if you like passionate and romantic thrillers.

Courtesy: Thanks a lot to the author, Kate White's, publicist, for giving me an opportunity to read and review this book. 

Author Info:

Kate White is the New York Times bestselling author of nine works of fiction—six Bailey Weggins mysteries and three suspense novels, including her latest, EYES ON YOU. For fourteen years she was the editor in chief of Cosmopolitan magazine, and though she loved the job (and the Cosmo beauty closet!), she decided to leave in late 2013 to concentrate full time on being an author.

Her books have received starred reviews from a variety of publications and she has been covered everyplace from The Today Show to The New York Times. Her first Bailey Weggins mystery, If Looks Could Kill, was named as the premier Reading with Ripa selection and soon shot to number one on Amazon. (And it’s now being made into an opera!). She is published in 18 countries around the world.

Kate is currently editing the Mystery Writers of America cookbook, a selection of recipes from many of the top-selling authors.

Like many mystery writers, Kate fell in love with the genre after reading her first Nancy Drew book, The Secret of Redgate Farm, and she still admires those cliffhanger endings that “Carolyn Keene” created.

She is married and the mother of two children, and once had her daughter stalk her through the woods so she could better describe the sounds of someone being followed.

Kate is also the author of several very popular career books, including I Shouldn’t Be Telling You This: How to Ask for the Money, Snag the Promotion, and Create the Career You Deserve, and Why Good Girls Don’t Get Ahead but Gutsy Girls Do.

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  1. I love the sound of a tightly wrapped mystery and the whole writing being done well in general, which would only make the book more intriguing! Great review :)


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