10 July 2018

Review #719: I Tagged Her in My Heart by Anuj Tiwari

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“I think you still love me, but we can’t escape the fact that I’m not enough for you. I knew this was going to happen. So I’m not blaming you for falling in love with another woman. I’m not angry, either. I should be, but I’m not. I just feel pain. A lot of pain. I thought I could imagine how much this would hurt, but I was wrong.”

----Haruki Murakami

Anuj Tiwari, an Indian bestselling writer, has penned an uplifting story in his new book called, I Tagged Her in My Heart. Unlike its cheesy title, the story is somewhat inspiring enough for all those who are either finding a way to give wings to their dreams and passions and also for those who want to pick up the pieces of life after a messy and painful breakup. The story revolves around mainly two protagonists, where one is finding a way to publish his first novel while managing his hectic job schedules and keeping his feelings for his best friend in his heart, while the other has gone through a breakup and is meaning to find a way to give wings to her passion of making chocolates, even though the happy memories of her ex is hurting her.


Things get broken. We repair them. They get a new shape. Perhaps a new identity. This applies to love as well. Because you are yours before you are someone else’s. But what happens when we fall or fail in love?After two heartbreaks, Adrika, a fiercely independent career-girl, changes her hashtag on Instagram to #HappyGoLucky and dreams become her priority. Arjun, the workaholic and socially inept, struggles with his weakness for Dimpy Aunty’s daughter Anushka and his hesitation in sharing heartaches and emotional baggage. Into this mess, steps in Dimpy Aunty, an unlikely savior, with all her quirks and jauntiness, steering them through rough patches in unlikely ways as only she can.Insightful, bold and witty, I Tagged Her in My Heart is based on a true story that will inspire many to look at the sunny side of life when faced with darkness.

This is the story about two introverts, Adrika and Arjun, who go through a lot of ups and downs, before fluttering their wings and flying away into the blue horizon to live for their dreams and passion. But for that, Adrika, is first thrown into a hot pot of messy and painful breakup drama with her long time boyfriend cum live-in-partner. Next, all through his adulthood from college days to initial days of a job which he hated with all his heart yet slogging for it, Arjun realizes, mostly after Adrika's breakup, that it is time to propose to the girl he has forever loved and to publish his first novel. But both Adrika and Arjun, could not come to their realization of giving time to their dreams and desires by their selves, they needed Dimpy Aunty's non judgmental yet thoughtful guidance along with their best friends' Anushka and Ved's craziness to do so. The author, at the end of this book, will make the readers realize the importance of our best friends in our life as well as some other background characters, who even though we might not give them due credit, but will always support us like our parents.

This is the first time that I read any book by this author of "inspirational stories". Well I'm glad that I read one, as I felt so deeply well connected with the common mistakes we make when it comes to our best friends and loved ones, over our boyfriend or girlfriend. The story line is good, but lacks depth thoroughly and the most worst part of this book would that completely ruined the charm of reading this book, is the poor editing. So many silly errors, could have been easily avoided with a properly editing.

The author's writing style is coherent, laced with enough emotions to make the readers feel for the characters' plights. The dialogues are penned in a simple language, or rather say, in a simple English language which is easier to comprehend with for all types of readers in the country. The evocative narrative along with a slow pace, this book is perfect for Indian contemporary fiction readers.

The characters too lack depth, especially, the readers will find it difficult to connect with the important supporting characters, also some equations between the characters are bit confusing enough to baffle the readers. The main characters are well developed, their monologues and thoughts are also penned in a honest manner, that will help the readers to connect with their inner turmoil very easily. Adrika and Arjun grow a lot through their mistakes, ultimately shinning and coming out after the climax as someone very brave, motivating and determined to reach their destinations by keeping their friends and lovers close.

The emotions depicted by the author through the characters are very much striking enough to shake the inner chord of every human being whoever reads this book. So if you enjoy reading a captivating yet touching fiction, then definitely go for this book.

Verdict: A light yet warm fuzzy read for the rainy weekends.

Courtesy: Thanks to the author himself for giving me an opportunity to read and review this book.

Author Info:
Anuj Tiwari (born 22 November, 1988) is an Indian author. His first novel, Journey of Two Hearts, was published in 2012. As of 2017, he has published four novels. He is the recipient of the Newspapers Association of India NAI Achiever Awards 2014 which named him as the "Best Upcoming Novelist".
 In 2017, he was shortlisted for the 2018 International Young Author Awards.
Tiwari's books have sold more than 2.5 lakhs copies with his first book, Journey of Two Hearts, currently in its 19th impression.
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