4 January 2015

Bye Bye Winter, Say Hi to Random Monsoon!

Current Weather Stats in Kolkata, India: 25 degree Celsius, i.e. 77
degree Fahrenheit, along with heavy rainfall and wind.

Surprised? Shocked? 
Yeah, it was shocker for me too, when the weather
started to go up drastically and especially when it started to rain.
The clouds simply cocooned us from the chill and the wintery breeze.
People in my city are equally surprised with this sudden change of weather! However, don't worry, I'm not going to bore you guys with my knowledge of Global
Warming effects!

Random Rain!

 What am I doing now?
But in such a weather, what can a person do? You cannot go
out for winter picnics or chill out in the winter sun. The only option is to stay
indoors and to enjoy the rain and the summer breeze from the very
comfort of your room. But I still managed to go out in the morning to
catch an early morning show of a local (Bengali-native) film called, "Ebar Shabor"- a
detective/mystery film based on the novel, Rwin by Shirshendu Mukhopadhyay, a popular Bengali writer. I really loved it, it was
thoroughly engaging and interesting.

Ebar Shabor

Why am I writing this random post about some random rain? 
Well, the
first reason would be that I love the rains. Monsoon is my favorite season!
And since rain decided to surprise us all in the winter, I'm going to
treat it like any other normal rainy day. Yes, with books and gallons of

Best Combination- Tea and Books!

What am I reading now? 
"In the Summer Time" by Judy Astley. The book's
all about golden beach, old flame, holiday with mom, girls night out,
barbecue, salty breeze and an English summer. No it doesn't sound
any cliche! I thought it will be good to read a summer book in the
winter in order to make myself nostalgic- that longing feeling in the
pit of my stomach for the summer to come and swoon me with it's
heat and breeze. Unfortunately, now it so feels like summer in here!
Literally, I'm eating an ice-cream as I write this post!

A Beach Read!

Why don't I try some poetry in this beautiful weather?
I never wrote any sort of poem in my whole life. But they say, whenever it rains, it brings out all the best emotions of a human being. Rain can give words to our feelings! So I too tried some poetry, although, it's very bad, like some kid writing a bad poetry, still the words are worth my feelings!

Pitter patter on my window,
O Rain, here you are,
drumming against the canopy with your echo
Drip-drop on the cold hard ground
O Rain, here you are,
wetting the leaves that were browned
Tick-tock as the clock chimes
O Rain, here you are,
making me wonder what do in my pastimes

Some Poetry!

It's Sunday!
So apart from reading books, here I'm blogging about my lazy & rainy
Sunday! They say, Sunday is the day to refuel and re-energize your
soul, but what I think is that it is the day which reminds us about
our week that we spent, how we spent, analyzing the positive and
negative and how we can do better in the upcoming week!
There's a nice saying about Sunday:
A Sunday well spent brings a week
of content!

What are the ways to beat the boredom on a rainy Sunday morning?
Anyhow, I'm not here to write about Sunday, I'm here to say some of my
favorite "rainy" stuffs: (I bet you'll agree with me!)

Sitting by the window,
Watching the rain,
Sniffing the smell of rain in the wind,
Singing along with the wind,
Feeling gloomy while watching the grey sky.

Favorite things!

My List!
Well that's my list of stuffs which I absolutely love to do on a random or on
any regular rainy day! But now I want to add another option on to my
list and that is: blogging. With the pitter patter of the rain, my typing sound on a
laptop keyboard is absolutely rhyming.


In a nutshell
Rainy smell, bookish smell and the smell of hot tea-
all three mixed up together, thereby creating a beautiful fragrance in
the air and the sounds created by the rain and by my keyboard are
reverberating the whole stillness of a Sunday morning.

Enjoying the Winter Rain

So that's all for today, see you on my next blog-post,
Happy Reading!


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