4 January 2015

Author Q&A Session #16: With Joanna Bolouri

Hello and welcome,
Today I present you one of the most fabulous authors,

Me: Hello and welcome to my blog, Joanna. Congratulations on your debut book, The List. Can you please tell us briefly about the story behind, The List?

Joanna: The List follows a year in the life of Phoebe Henderson who decides to reinvent herself by making a list of ten things she's always wanted to do in bed - a bucket list for between the sheets, in an attempt to get her ex boyfriend Alex out of her system once and for all.


Me: What was the inspiration behind such a hilariously engaging story, The List? And was it based on any real people from your life?
Joanna: The idea came about after a conversation with some friends. I think most writers draw inspiration from real life but sadly the majority of this is fiction!


Me: Can you tell us one trait of Phoebe Henderson that intrigue you the most?
Joanna: I like her sense of humor, probably because it's very close to mine.


Me: What is your take on friends with no strings attached kind of relationship? Do you feel in this modern 21st century, men and women are opting out more for a "friends with no benefits" kind of relationship before committing themselves with their soul mates?
Joanna: Definitely, although I don't always think it works. I think one person is always hoping for something more - it's human nature.


Me: This is a dare question totally! What was your source of research for this witty and sexy novel? Say something other than 50 Shades of Grey!
Joanna: I haven't actually read 50 shades of Grey! Research came from websites, conversations, experience and a very vivid imagination!


Me: Describe your journey so far as an author? And was it always your one true dream to be a writer? And name any one writer who's books impacted you a lot in your childhood?

Joanna: Stephen King is my favorite author. He definitely inspired me to write, as do most authors I read! I think a good author will inspire me to try harder. My journey so far has been surreal! I went from hoping someone would read my first novel to being published in 12 countries.


Me: Since you're a single mother, so is it difficult for you to juggle both your writing hats as well as motherhood?

Joanna: It was initially. When my daughter was small I looked after her during the day and wrote at night. Now that she's older, I can work while she's in school (and at night) - the thing I find hardest to juggle is a social life - I don't get much free time.


Me: And how do you get away from all those writing stress and daily stress?

Joanna: I sleep! I listen to music, I read, I watch horror films with my best friend and I try to see my friends as much as I can.


Me: What's next up on your writing sleeves? Please tell us briefly about it.

Joanna: My second novel, I Followed the Rules is out in 2015. It's about a writer who's tasked to follow an infamous dating guide for her weekly column, forcing her to rethink everything she thought she knew about romance and dating.


Me: Thank you Joanna for sparing time to have this interview with me for my blog. I can only wish you luck in all your future endeavors. Keep writing those fabulous books!
Joanna: Thank you for having me!

Joanna's Bio:

Joanna Bolouri is a writer, blogger and much older than she once was. Represented by Kerry Glencorse at Susanna Lea Associates. Her first novel ‘The List’ was published by Quercus in April 2014 and translation rights have been sold to – Turkey, Slovenia, France, Lithuania, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Portugal, Germany, Brazil, Croatia and Spain.
She’s currently somewhere in Glasgow working on her second novel ‘I Followed the Rules’ to be published by Quercus 2015.

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