29 September 2016

Review #531: Love Bi the Way by Bhaavna Arora

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“Whether it's men, women—it doesn't really matter. The human race is filled with passion and lust. And to coin terms like heterosexuality, homosexuality or even bisexuality makes no sense to me. You are human. You love who you love. You fuck who you fuck. That should be enough—no labels. No stigmas. Nothing. Just be to be.
But life isn't that kind. People will always find things to hate.”

----Krista Ritchie

Bhaavna Arora, an Indian best selling author, pens an emotional and hilariously sassy contemporary fiction in her new book, Love Bi the Way that narrates the story of two young and successful women, both with broken past that they do not want to share with one another, while one being an introvert and the other an extrovert, lives life freely through men, sex, love, royalty but with one another's support, care, trust and friendship, but is that all?


Rihana is a painter who is trying to find inspiration in love. Zara is a businesswoman trying to make a niche for her company in a male-dominated world. Rihana is fire, Zara is ice; Rihana is openly sensual, while Zara is more cautious with her heart—they are opposites that attract. They are different people bound together by their house—‘Cupid’—and their pet golden retriever, Tiger.

As both of them navigate their fulfilling careers and try to leave behind troubled pasts, they find solace in each other. But Tiger’s not the only male in their lives. Rihana finds herself a string of sexy men, while Zara emerges out of her shell and meets an actual prince who sweeps her off her feet. But can these relationships last? And what road will they take when love happens bi the way?

Rihana is a successful and award winning painter, protege of a late and famous artist, who lives with her friend in her friend's house called 'Cupid' in a posh locality in Delhi. Rihana is the carefree modern 21st century woman with a drinking problem, and likes to lead a liberated lifestyle, as she dates a new guy almost every other day, but the only stable guy in her and her friend's life is their pet dog called, Tiger. While Zara is the exact opposite of Rihana who is a a successful business woman and an introvert. Unlike Rihana, Zara loves to stay back in home and love to take care of her careless and alcoholic friend, Rihana. And as they tread their way into the world of men, love, sex and some royalty, they realize that their unbreakable bond of friendship can blossom into something more, but the problem is will the world accept them they way they want to be with one another?

I rarely read any Indian authored contemporary fiction, but this one simply stole my heart and mind with its intensity, boldness, freedom, and the supporting character, Tiger. The author has cleverly portrayed a strong message of bisexuality in a narrow-minded society like India where people have double standards on everything. And the message is so strongly depicted through the story line, that the readers are bound to ponder about it. That alluring and eye-catchy sexy cover easily arrested my mind and begged me to open the book and get lost into the words of this author.

PS: You need to have a broader perspective before reading this book!

The author's writing style and voice is fresh, intrepid, eloquent and is laced with some intense, deep, heart felt emotions that will make the readers feel for the characters as well as for the story. The narrative is simple, coherent but somewhere lacked depth thoroughly and also at times, it will fail to engage the readers. If the readers keep a highlighter pen handy while reading this book, I'm pretty sure, each and every line and pages of this book will turn bright yellow or green, as the author has depicted so many quotable and meaningful one liners that will make the readers fall for the story. The dialogues are sometimes funny and sometimes dark, that will change the moods of the readers accordingly. The pacing of the book is really fast as the story progresses forward with a rather swift speed without much drama or action.

The characters from this book are good, strong, real and quite convincing enough to make the readers contemplate with their stories. The protagonist, Rihana, is bit of a drama queen, at times, she loves to overreact, so that might dissuade the readers to support for her cause, also her back story is quite well developed, but the way it has been narrated, it will give much lesser impact on the readers. The other protagonist, Zara, is not at all developed or focused much on her sweet yet sad demeanor all through out the story, as the limelight forever stayed on Rihana, until the very end. The only one supporting character who steals away the show, despite of not having any dialogues on this book, is Tiger, who is a cute and extremely loyal and loving pet which is also very sharp, and the readers will simply fall for this naive yet smart character. The rest of the supporting cast, especially the male characters, are quite dull and very typical.

The relationships and the love among the characters are portrayed with thorough passion, lust, vivid details and extremely well, that will allow the readers to not only feel the strong essence of love through the pages of the book, but will also let them visualize those raw and bold love making scenes right before their eyes.

In a nutshell, this is an entertaining yet poignant modern day story of love, bisexuality and friendship that is not gonna disappoint the contemporary fiction readers.

Verdict: Sassy, sexy yet emotional tale of love and friendship between two women.

Courtesy: Thanks to the author, Bhaavna Arora, for giving me an opportunity to read and review this book.

Author Info:
Dr. Bhavna Arora is a new-generation writer who is an avid learner from life. She is a young enthusiast who has two MBA degrees and a Doctorate from Pittsford University in Leadership to her credit.
A philanthropist at heart, she has been sponsoring an underprivileged boy's education. She also works closely with an institute for special children.
Visit her here

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