7 December 2014

10 Christmas Gifting Ideas for your BookLover Friend

Two weeks to go for Christmas and you still haven't decided what to gift your bookworm girlfriend/boyfriend or your book-fanatic bestie! And probably you are racking your brains hard so as to get an idea about what to gift him/her this Christmas apart from the same-old, very predictable gift- a book. But this time you're in luck since I'm going to be your friend to help you choose that perfect gift for your book-lover friend. So scroll below to check out the gifts that you're bibliophile friend is definitely going to love.

1. For e-book lovers: Kindle Covers

So your friend has a kindle and he/she is a beta-reader.  Oh well, then you're in luck my friend, since it's not hard to choose a gift for your e-book lover friend. Instead of purchasing the latest e-reader for your friend, you can easily surprise him/her with a cool and unique Kindle cover. Moreover, an unique  gift also stands out over those traditional gifts! So this year, buy something cool, funny and amazing for your friend to see how their eyes light up with sheer joy.

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2. For your messy bookworm friend: A Nightstand Bookshelf

If you're a physical book lover, then I understand being messy and all. Bookworms get so lost in those fictional worlds, they often forget to clear up the mess they create with the huge pile of read-books on their bed. So how about a nightstand bookshelf? Yeah, it's a prefect and a very thoughtful gift for the book lovers. So splurge on this neat and beautifully crafted bookshelf for your geeky friend and save them from their own mess of books. Also it will be nice to teach them a lesson to stay organized :-P

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3. For your cozy-minded book lover:  A Nice, Warm Blanket

Book lovers often tend to curl up with a book and a pot of hot tea/coffee, and since it's Christmas time, expect all the bookworms to be tucked inside a soft, warm blanket, reading their favorite book. And you, my friend, can make a book-lover's Christmas more special by gifting him/her the most beautiful, warm, feathery soft blanket. So make your geek friend's Christmas very warm.

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4. Feeling Out-of-the-box: A Book Style Paper Towel Tissue Box

I understand you really, really want to impress that nerd girl that you happen to meet few days back! You're pulling your hair on your head but still nothing striking your mind! Well stop worrying, here's a really innovative gift that you can present your special someone. A book-style tissue box which will definitely going to remind her of you every time she pulls out a tissue. So buy this tissue box and win away her heart.

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5. For the Library: A Book-shaped Night Lamp

So your friend has a library which is poorly lit up. Then this will be the perfect gift for your friend that will light up his/her heart this Christmas. So purchase this energy-saving lamp which can be kept in between the stacks of the books, so the next time when your friend is taking out a book from that huge stack, he/she can switch on the night lamp and can easily check out the title of the book that he/she wants to read.

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6. For the hikers: A Book Tent

So your book lover friend turns out to be an adventurer and on this Christmas day, he/she is planning to hike up on the snow-covered mountains of Alaska, so how about giving them a book-inspired tent as a Christmas present. This quirky gift can easily make your friend's adventure more special and worthwhile. So what are you waiting for!? Purchase this unique tent for your friend and watch how their faces light up like a starry night sky.

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7. Be Spontaneous: A Book Christmas Tree

Your geeky room-mate is coming back from their trip on the Christmas Day morning and you want to surprise him/her with a completely funky and spontaneous gift, moreover, you forgot to purchase him/her Christmas present. Before going to bed on the night before Christmas Day, try to make a cute little book Christmas Tree for your roomie. Trust me, it's really very hassle-free and easy to build! Resource: Your room-mate's ever-flowing book-shelf. Try to make the base with big, fat books and place each of them corner-to-corner in an angle, now try placing the comparatively smaller sized books above that base of big, fat books. Do it in an order and voila!  Your Book Christmas Tree Present is ready. You can even spunk it up with little decorations. So when they open their room and their eyes fall on this beautiful creative present, watch them scream with joy and pleasure.

Gift Purchase Link: This is a DIY Present

8. For the "Punctual" Bookworm: A Book Style Desk Clock

Your friend loves to arrive on time, loves to wake up early, and loves to do everything by precision of time. It's so easy to surprise them with their only favorite thing in the world- a clock. But since your friend is also a bibliophile, so this Christmas gift them a book style desk clock which will always remind them of you with every tick of the clock.

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9. A bookworm's favorite hobby: A Quotation Book 

A bookworm's all time favorite gift- a quotation book! I suggest, if you want to stand out with your present then try to make them a DIY quotation book.

Steps to Make a Quotation Book:

i) Ask his/her all time favorite book. Say The Fault in Our Stars or Pride and Prejudice or any Charles Dickens novel or even maybe Stephanie Meyer's Twilight series
ii) Google all the remarkable and the legendary quotes from that book and list them in a piece of paper
iii) Now write those quotes one-by-one in each piece of paper. Be creative, this the tricky part. Use glitter pens, stickers, scented stickers, and any possible decorative tid-bits
iv) Make a beautiful, mesmerizing and his/her favorite book-themed cover
v) Staple them nicely or you can bind them
vi) Presents are never complete with a nice little wrapping paper

Voila! Your Christmas Present for your geeky friend is ready and see how their Christmas become so amazing and special because of your hard-work.

Gift Purchase Link: This is DIY present.

10. Last minute Present: A Book Style Accessory

Be it a book-style scarf or coffee mug or pendant or t-shirt or bag or purse, it'll always be the-most-special-Christmas gift for your book-love friend. You can purchase such quirky book-inspired accessories online.

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So Happy Gifting!


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