Review Policy

Due to huge number of book review requests and since unfortunately since I can't say no to all of them,  I'm now drowning in a huge pile of books,  and so as of now, I'm not accepting any review requests and please don't urge me to review your book.

It'll be really kind of you to do that.

Thank you.


My reviews are precise, honest and I aim to put them up on my blog within few weeks of receiving the book or sometimes in worst case scenarios, I may put them up depending upon my current reading shelf status! But if there is an urgent deadline, please do inform me about it beforehand.

Book reviews

My Preferred Genre List:

  • Literary Fiction
  • Crime/Noir/Mystery/Thriller/Cozy Mysteries/Political Thriller/Medical Thriller
  • Historical Fiction/Historical Romance
  • Romance (Christian, Amish, Contemporary) No EROTIC ROMANCE PLEASE!
  • Women's Fiction/Chick-Lit
  • Fantasy-Paranormal/Horror/Science-Fiction
  • YA-fantasy/romance/thriller/historical
Other than this list, I am open to reading books in other genres too, as long as you contact me with a brief synopsis of your book. And I'm also open to review Advance Review Copies.

And I accept only physical review copies.

Book reviews are cross-posted on Twitter, Google+, Goodreads (#2 Best Reviewer, #1 Top Reviewer, #3 Top Reader), Amazon India (Top 100 reviewers),

Rating Policy:

I follow Good reads rating policy.
1 star out of 5: Poor
2 start out of 5: Okay
3 star out of 5: Fair/Good
4 star out of 5: Very Good
5 star out of 5: Outstanding/Excellent/Must-Read