15 August 2016

Book Subscription Box (July) Review: The Biblio Box

Good evening my fellow bibliophiles,

Hope you're having a lovely Monday, minus the Monday blues. Well for me and for the rest of the 1 billion fellow citizens of my country, India, we are actually having a pretty great Monday, as it is our Independence Day, but that does not mean that every body in enjoying a holiday, unlike me, there are people who work round the clock and keep the country and so the society in order or maybe out of trouble.

It's been so long since I've posted anything other than book reviews, which are actually okay, but on a regular basis, they are BORING. So lemme get this straight, I do not want this blog to be a review-only blog, it should be more than that, after all, blogging is a definition and a tool to give wings or rather say give freedom to your thoughts and words.

From now on, probably in the weekend, I'd try to post something non-bookish related, like a movie review or simply ranting on anything and everything. Sadly today I'm here to post something strictly bookish. A book subscription service that I tried last month and loved it so much would love to try every month, provided my financial condition is stable and my ducks are in a row.

The book subscription boxes anywhere outside India is getting so boring these days, but a book subscription box in India is so FRESH! Honestly speaking at this moment, there are hardly one or two bookish subscription services running successfully in India, and there is just this one, which took me by surprise with their creativity to surprise the customers, yeah you can compare this particular bookish subscription service with Owlcrate (the most successful international bookish subscription service in USA) The Biblio Box is the best thing that ever happened in the world of bookish subscription services in India.

Okay.. No more living under the rocks, get out and try them now!

The Biblio Box, as the name suggests, it is a book or something book-related subscription box service, that can be either monthly or three months basis or on a six months service, based on your needs. The contents of the box are meant to be a surprise for its customers, so imagine the joy you give yourself, when you unwrap their nicely wrapped box to take a peek inside to find a chocolate cookie or a coffee mug or a hand-loom or khadi tote bag or some other bookish merchandise besides the two books which are not necessarily from YA genre! Yes, The Biblio Box defines the real meaning of surprising oneself with happiness and happiness that is meant to be literary or bookish.

Their target audience maybe only people who are avid book lovers or someone who fancies to read a book or two. Mainly, the readers! But they also provide customized services that is not only bookish but non bookish like health, healing, kids, fashion, Travel etc and also customized gift boxes, so problem solved, if you are looking for a birthday gift for a bookworm!

So when I asked The Biblio Box to define themselves, here's what they have to say about themselves:

We started  in the end of May in 2016 and June 2016 was our first box. It was started by a brother -sister duo in Bangalore.  The brother being the business head in the venture and the sister being the book brain behind It.
While there is no prominent  ( or maybe no book subscription box at all) in India , we decided to do  this as a spur  of a moment idea to  just understand the response to subscription boxes in India.
International  book boxes mostly cater to YA and fantasy and though the number of book readers is not so bad in India , takers of these genres are few. And the pricing of such boxes is not too suitable as it's too high for even working individuals to splurge on every month. 
Hence we decided to make boxes that suit us ! And prices that are well within reach for everyone including students.  So we have priced it very reasonably and added two instead of one book. And we provide fresh novels along with books that are considered finest in those genres.
To give more to our subscribers we have customised merchandise from artists and done In house that is not available anywhere  else.

We have started  three month and six month subscription plans  and our next three themes are already in place.  And ofcourse there are many more subscription boxes mushrooming real quick ,but the service we offer is niche and unlike any other.

That sounds pretty exciting. So here it what you need to hear from a happy customer like me:

Their box is perfect for a bibliophile like me, I tried their July subscription box, which had a theme, and every month, they are keeping a theme without indulging any more details about the contents of this surprise box. And needless to say, when I got my hands on the box, I got mesmerized with the effort that this brother-sister duo used to make their customers happy and satisfied.

Their products are in top A-class quality, and all were nicely wrapped, so not one single product got hampered while it arrived through the fastest courier service, as soon as I transferred the amount into their account. Well, they may not have set up a proper website to target more customers or to simply market about their service, right now, they are conducting this business through the mode of Whatsapp, Email and Instagram and I believe they would do better, if they launch the website soon, because transferring money every time is a real hassle, instead of paying through a payment getaway online.

So in a nutshell, they are fast, efficient, creative, enthusiastic and always happy, and that's what I really like about them. And one look at the book, I could instantly feel for their passion for this business and that they aspire to grow more and I bless and hope that they dominate the market of bookish subscription services in India just like what Owlcrate does in USA.

So wanna take a peek at their July subscription box, here you go:

1. A chocolate brownie

Looks delicious, I know, before I could take a snap with my dslr, it went into my stomach, so I had to take pictures with my phone, that was nearby and could not resist to wait until I get a snap with a dslr. This choco brownie was from Mariam's- a cookie and cupcake specialist, that tasted heavenly!

2. Two cotton totes bag (white in color)

I know they are adorable and every book worm aspires to have one tote with a meaningful bookish quote written over it. They are perfect and the material is really amazing, perfect for carrying my books around whenever I'm going out. Say goodbye to sling bags now!

3. Bookmarks- PLENTY

OMG! The whole box was simply bursting out of bookmarks, and I mean it literally, which are all very much bookish and pretty and not to mention, a book crazy person can never get hold of enough bookmarks in a lifetime!

4. Books- the real content of the book

There were two books and surprisingly I have never read them before, so imagine my joy of finding books that were actually in my tbr list. Norwegian Wood by Haruki Murakami and The Square Root of Summer by Harriet Reuter Hapgood were the books that I was desperately looking forward to read and thanks to The Biblio Box, it made my wish come true.

Now let's discuss about the cost part of such a book subscription service, which, honestly speaking, is not at all cost effective for students or for working part-time readers or basically for a non-working individual. Is it not affordable? Well of course, it is affordable, but then again, it is not affordable for every month. INR 1350 is not a small amount for those who are non-working or just students, nuh-nuh!

Although, this is perfectly cost-effective and extremely reasonable for working class Indian readers, who is looking to shell out few extra bucks to enjoy the thrill of unwrapping a bookish subscription box and that too in a country like India. So for me, I would pay for this box every month, and I can only hope that they remain in business and grow it like those international ones.

So maybe their payment method is bit old school, but their products and the books are awesome and so their service and I bet they are here to stay and make the readers happy for as long as the time goes......

Good Luck to the lovely people from The Biblio Box!
Stay blessed
Happy Reading!

To book the August box, call or Whatspapp The Biblio Box at 08197018449  or +91 72597 47474

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