21 July 2016

Review #491: Faking It (The Intern, #2) by Gabrielle Tozer

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

“You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can not fool all of the people all of the time.”

----Abraham Lincoln

Gabrielle Tozer, an Australian author, has penned an entertaining and heart-touching sequel to her award-winning book, The Intern called, Faking It where the young adult protagonist, Josie Browning, fakes her way up the ladder to success in her new writing job with new friends and colleagues, while she has a perfect life that can make any girl envy of her, yet she lies, thereby forcing her to stand on the verge of sing her perfect and simple life.


Things are looking up for Josie Browning. Her boyfriend, James, is crazy about her, and she's scored a writing job at indi. Now the pressure is on for Josie to prove she's got what it takes to help plan indi's launch. Plus, she's battling with flatmates, frenemies and confusing feelings for travel writer Alex.

High on the perks at indi, Josie's doing a pretty good job of faking her way in the industry - even though she still hasn't mastered her hair straightener. But when Josie is invited to a media junket, she accidentally sets off a string of lies that threaten to ruin her reputation, love life and career forever.

Josie Browning, the city girl, who is a part-time student and a part time writer for a newly established online magazine, indi. She also has a perfect boyfriend, James, with whom she goes on the perfect cliched romantic dates. But soon her perfect and happy life turns hectic when she has been asked by her superior to step up on the shoes of the director of indi following the director's sudden maternity responsibilities. It's a huge responsibility for a girl like Josie who is so out of league about the right words and socializing skills to charm the right people for their recently established online magazine's launch. And Josie's life suddenly starts to revolve around number of press junkets where high heels and straight, prim hair is a must along with her number one responsibility to book a female mega-pop-star for their online magazine's launch party, although by this time, Josie has mastered the skill in faking up about her life, despite the constant struggle to stay focus both on job, long-distance course, flatmates issues and her love life, yet her messy life somehow lands her up into lots of trouble with her love life, virginity, career, with an added distraction from a hot travel writer named Alex. And within no time, her lies come undone that eventually threatens her to lose it all with just one strike.

The author's writing is really polished and articulate, laced with enough fun and emotions to allure the readers into the core of the story line. The narrative approach of the author is realistic, striking and extremely relatable from the readers' perspectives. Also the dialogues flow freely over the course of this story. Moreover, right from the very start, the story will pull any readers into its depth as the author has strikingly and descriptively laid out each and every scene from this book. The pacing is really swift as one event after another unfolds gradually and perfectly in sync with the overall progress of the story line.

The characters from this book are really well developed, even though they lacked character depth, yet somehow they will manage to leave an impression in the minds of the readers. the main character, Josie, right from the very beginning, honed a believable as well as honest demeanor that will make the readers root for her, also her growth and evolution through hurdles and struggles turns her into a thoughtful and mature lady despite of her tender age. Her charm, grace and witticism will grasp the readers' hearts. The supporting cast is also quite well etched out.

There is lots of romance in the book that the author has projected with lots of evocative and heartfelt emotions and compassion that will melt the readers hearts. The chemistry between Josie and James is sweet with a dash of hot passion, but the sparking chemistry between Alex and Josie is extremely intense and that the author has cleverly portrayed through the story.

In a nutshell, this compelling, satisfying and fun book is a must read for all who are looking for a light read!

Verdict: A delectable and an amusing young adult book!

Courtesy: Thanks to the author, Gabrielle Tozer, for giving me an opportunity to read and review this book.

Author Info:
Gabrielle Tozer is an Australian author, journalist and editor. She has written for publications including Dolly, Girlfriend, Cleo, Cosmopolitan and TV Week. Her debut YA novel THE INTERN won the State Library of Victoria’s 2015 Gold Inky Award and is out in Australia, New Zealand, Germany and the US. The sequel FAKING IT is out now and due for overseas publication next year. Gabby’s third novel hits bookstores in 2016 (yes, that’s why she still hasn’t brushed her hair!) and her first children’s picture book PIP AND POP (illustrated by Sue deGennaro) is out in 2017.
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