3 June 2016

Book Subscription Box (May) Review: Litbundle

 Good Morning folks,

Hope you're having a lovely and fulfilling day and managing to read as much as possible in between your hectic schedules. My day is going pretty much boring as there are not much pending work or any newly assigned work, hence I've ample of time to blog about an amazing and new thing, well, its not that new, since the blogosphere consisting of book bloggers have already done this kinda blog post.

Okay I won't keep you guys in suspense anymore, this blog post is about unwrapping or in my words unraveling the mystery behind an Indian bookish subscription box. Yes you heard that right, its Indian! Since most of the popular book subscription boxes are either from US or UK or nowadays from Pakistan too, so for the very first time, I tried my hands on an Indian book subscription box, which is pretty brilliant and can be easily compared with either Owlcrate or with Uppercase Box or with Book Riot subscription box or with Cratejoy or with The Book Drop.

So do you want me to unravel the name of this Indian bookish subscription box? Did I hear you scream for it?

Al'right, it's called:



Origin: Mumbai, India

Primary Feature: YA, ya bookish merch, everything that starts and ends with YA (young adult)

Subscription Types: Monthly Bundle, Quarterly Bundle and Yearly Bundle

Price of Monthly Bundle: INR 1299 (absolutely affordable and convenient!) and their shipping is absolutely free for Indian residents and they are not yet international

Contents of Monthly Bundle:
  • One handpicked, newly-released YA novel: We hunt all around the month striving to get you the best reading experience out there!
  • 1-2 bookish goodies: We swarm the bag with a few treats to cater to the geek in you!
  • A personal handwritten note to you about the book
Shipping Info: They ship the bundles on the 16th of every month

So are you excited to order your very first Litbundle?

How to order: Sign up from their homepage

  • Select the subscription type from the Subscribe menu
  • Next, input the quantity from that subscription type's details page, then place the order with your address
  • Payment is very easy, either through Credit or Debit card or even Net banking sorry no COD option available
So what are you waiting for, go ahead and place an order for the upcoming monthly bundle now!

Good luck bookish peeps!

Now let's unwrap the contents of the May book bundle, are you excited to see what's in it? Here are the contents:

Complete Contents!

 1. A beautiful engraved with lovely designs magic wand

And the very first spell that I tried with this wans is Wingardium Leviosa (the famous levitation charm!)

Magic Wand

2. A Hardcover copy of a YA fantasy book, Flamecaster by Cinda Williams Chima

Yes, I was waiting to get my hands on one of the most anticipated and popular YA fantasy series of this year. So thanks Litbundle for giving me the opportunity to read this amazing book.

It's hardcover

3. An excerpt of upcoming YA book, The Crown's Game by Evelyn Skye

Yes the first chapter is completely thrilling and I can't wait to read the whole book.

An excerpt

4. A Cat House-it

Look at the cuteness of the kitty post it. Who doesn't want one?


5. A wonderful letter with meaning words, thank you!

 The letter is the essential part of the bundle as it mentions about the prices of the individual item and its handwritten with logos of each houses of Hogwarts. Isn't that amazing?!

So are you stoked now?! Go ahead and purchase your vety first Litbundle.

And see you guys on my next blog post....
Until then, keep reading!


  1. does litbundle still operate? because their website shows that it's expired

    1. yes they are expired! Sadly.... :-( Check out my new bookish subscription post! Try it, they are new and really awesome! http://bookstopcorner.blogspot.in/2016/08/book-subscription-box-july-review.html

  2. I really need something like this. But their site never opens.

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