17 April 2017

Review #597: Perfect (Flawed, #2) by Cecelia Ahern

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

“Who are you to judge the life I live?
I know I'm not perfect
-and I don't live to be-
but before you start pointing fingers...
make sure you hands are clean!”

----Bob Marley

Cecelia Ahern, the international best-selling author, pens the sequel to the Flawed, an YA dystopian series, called, Perfect that opens with the protagonist on the run as a fugitive from the society that labelled and branded her as the most Flawed, despite of her kind and perfect heart, and time is running short and that she must help, protect and rescue all those who are just like her before the judge gets his hands on her, despite of a dangerous secret this girl knows about that could destroy the world of the Flawed.


The thrilling, shocking and romantic sequel to the bestselling YA debut FLAWED is finally here. When we embrace all our flaws, that’s when we can finally become PERFECT…

Celestine North lives in a society that demands perfection. After she was branded Flawed by a morality court, Celestine's life has completely fractured – all her freedoms gone.

Since Judge Crevan has declared her the number one threat to the public, she has been a ghost, on the run with the complicated, powerfully attractive Carrick, the only person she can trust. But Celestine has a secret – one that could bring the entire Flawed system crumbling to the ground.

Judge Crevan is gaining the upper hand, and time is running out for Celestine. With tensions building, Celestine must make a choice: save only herself, or risk her life to save all the Flawed. And, most important of all, can she prove that to be human in itself is to be Flawed?

Celestine has finally managed to flee from the grips of the cunning and most villainous man of her Perfect-deemed society, where aiding a Flawed can brand anyone as another Flawed. Celestine too was branded Flawed by her society and her ex boyfriend, Art's father, Judge Crevan and now the Judge wants Celestine badly because she holds a leverage to destroy the reputation of the judge by bringing out an ugly truth about his judgement against Celestine. Celestine is on the run now and must find Carrick, the only person who knows the truth about her and the only person whom she can trust, to help save the community of the Flawed and to rescue those who are wrongly labelled as Flawed because of their humanity. But little did anyone knew that Celestine's own ugly secret can destroy the community they are trying to save desperately.

The author's writing is excellent and perfect, just like the title of the book! The narrative is enchanting that kept me glued to the heart of the story. The scenes are written with lots of description and it felt like the scenes kept unfolding right before of my eyes and the perspective of Celestine put me into her shoes that let me peek inside her perfect yet flawed mind. The pacing is really fast as the story develops with thrilling events and complicated challenges.

Although in the first book, the development of this dystopian universe is done vividly by the author, so the readers will expect less development in that front, and for that the readers must read the first book to understand the dynamics of this story. But nothing to be dissapointed about, as the author in this book reveals a lot about the universe of Celestine and the dark secrets and the foundation stone of such a defected world, that Celestine tries to change.

PS: You might get a strong sniff of Divergent or The Hunger Games and not to mention the stark similarity of all the three bad-ass heroines.

The main character is strongly developed and felt highly unrealistic as teenagers like her do not exist in reality, someone who is perfect beyond imagination. Celestine North is perfect in everything she puts her heart and mind into. At times, her way too perfect attitude annoyed me. Although in this story, she grew beyond my expectation and beyond all her perfectness. This is where she learns to embrace her flaws. Carrick is the one to look forward to in this story, where the author gives him a strong personality and a back story to support his protective demeanor. The supporting cast is quite well-developed and the author holds a strong grip on their psychological aspects all through out the story line. There is lot of teenage love drama between Celestine and Carrick, but most of the time it will feel like romance has a backseat in this book. (Thank God for that! )

Overall, this is an motivating as well as an enthralling YA dystopian story which will make the readers anticipating till the very end and not to mention, the author has given a satisfying and a justifying climax to this series.

Verdict: A promising dystopian series that you need to look out for.

Courtesy: Thanks to the publishers from Harper Collins India for giving me an opportunity to read and review this book.

Author Info:
Cecelia Ahern was born and grew up in Dublin. She is now published in nearly fifty countries, and has sold over twenty-five million copies of her novels worldwide. Two of her books have been adapted as films and she has created several TV series.
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