About Me

My Bio:
I'm a reader..end of story!!..Well my real job is that I'm a Software Techie. In between my 9-6 job, I try to read as much as possible and try to review as much as I like.

All credit goes to Goodreads for turning my passion for books into an obsession.

I'm an on line shopaholic too, an avid animal-lover, in-love with the weekends, and sucker for all kinds of stupid TV Series..In short, living my life as much as possible. :-D

But there's a catch for me! I love reading fictions only! You cay say- A total FICTION aficionado. :-P
Well personally why I do I like fiction?
In a recent interview, Ruskin Bond, my favorite author, has been asked the same question, and he replied:

"It makes one understand life better, be philosophical about it. Take the ups and downs of life more easily because if you are reading good books—I am talking about fiction—you learn so much about human nature and the difficulties that people might encounter. It helps you to be more sensitive to others."

You got it guys! 

PS: Stop dog-earing your precious books, Use bookmarks!